Facetune application to edit face portraits on iphone

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Facetune application to edit face portraits on iphone

Want to post your best selfies on social media? Are you looking for the best photo editing tool? Don’t miss Facetune, it will help you shine brighter than ever!

Facetune is a perfect photo editing tool, for example you can easily remove blemishes and dark circles, make-up naturally. Now you can be sure that, with Facetune, your selfies show your best versions. The suite of editing tools gives users the freedom to adjust portraits with auto-tone / soften, lighten dark areas, reduce tones for obscured or more optimal parts with how to use automatic editing with smart AI. Photoshop Camera does not require users to have skills in photoshop and still be able to use it fluently.


Users can also use the effects before taking a picture or apply when the picture has been taken. Powerful tools that allow users to transform their photos even better. You can easily resize or crop to resize the image to suit the intended use.

Can Facetune do it for you?


  • Expand or refine your smile
  • Whitening tool


  • Apply and rejuvenate your skin
  • Lighten dark circles under your eyes like concealer
  • Remove blemishes, pimples and scars


  • Emphasize your eyes for a penetrating look
  • Change your eye color
  • Eliminate red and white eye effectsFacetune


  • Return to time and color on gray hair
  • Fill in bald patches
  • Clean up stray hair

FACE reshape

  • Shape or refine jaw line
  • Enhance cheekbones and eyebrows
  • Shape or retouch your nose
  • Zoom in or out a specific area of the image
  • Completely transform your face into strange or other fun shapes


  • Apply any color of blush and eyeshadow
  • Add volume to your eyelashes and shape your eyebrows
  • Add color to your lips
  • Add intensity to your natural lip color
  • Skin is as smooth as if using a concealerFacetune


  • Focus images on you, by diverging or blurring the background
  • Improve lighting or add special effects
  • Create custom filters
  • Add unique textures and customizable frames
  • Rotate images
  • Flip image to its mirror image


  • Add artistic touches to make your own photos
  • Photo editing with custom filters can be applied to entire images or specific areas

Easy to share

  • instantly share your edited photos with your friends and family via social media or e-mail

Basically, the application is capable of meeting all the needs of users for an application to take and edit photos on mobile devices. With a range of great editing tools and filters, the original compositions will be more sparkling than ever.

Link download: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/facetune/id606310581

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