FaceDance Challenge! Mod

Uploaded:August 23rd, 2017
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Category : Casual

FaceDance Challenge Mod APK is a facial dance game, released for free on  Android by the Vietnamese youth group. With new gameplay, the players have to perform a facial expression similar to the emotion that the game requires to get points.

FaceDance Challenge APK (Mod unlocked) for Android

The facial expressions are extremely diverse from happy, sad, angry, upset, surprised to indignant for your face muscle while playing the game. The appearance of the emoticons on the game will change rapidly or slowly depending on the rhythm of the song, there are fast music icons also move faster, causing the difficulty increases significantly, continuously change his facial expressions.

The winking, blinking, and wobbling icons are extremely interesting. It is the free version that offers 6 background music, but they are all very popular music. However, if you want to still be able to choose the songs stored on the device as background music for the game, you can do it.

Key features of FaceDance Challenge for Android:

  • Choose your favorite song or use your own music to play it.
  • Use facial expressions: Fun, sad, angry, upset, surprised, smirked, blinked, chapped lips …
  • Upload music quickly.
  • Record your play to share with friends, the community.
  • Join the community to watch other video recordings.
  • 6 tracks available.

The new play, humor is different from other dance games such as Piano Tiles, HotSteps, FaceDance Challenge APK has quickly caused community ever since the launch. This is also the first game to use the front camera to play.


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