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Facebook Lite is a small version of the Facebook app, developed to optimize the experience for users who use low-profile Android devices or operate in an unstable Internet status. Facebook Lite can ensure fast browsing, downloading of photos, videos and other activities, even when using 2G data packets.

Facebook Lite APK download Latest version for Android

Access Facebook faster, smoother with “Facebook mini version” – Facebook Lite for Android. Download Facebook Lite APK APK for devices running Android 2.2 and above to start surfing Facebook faster, helping you quickly share your status, photos, messages to friends.

The initial impression with Facebook Lite is small capacity. APK File of latest version size is only 252 KB, compared to 26.68 MB of Facebook on Google Play. It makes the installation faster and especially takes up very little memory. Facebook Lite only accounts for 860KB of system memory, while Facebook typically accounts for 77.70MB (both applications are deleted from the settings and loaded to the login screen). This is a very worthwhile upgrade for Android devices with less memory.

The key features of Facebook Lite for Android:

  • Receive messages from friends, make chats such as free texting applications
  • Receive notifications when your friends like and comment on their posts
  • See what your friends are doing on Facebook through the newsfeed
  • Share updates and avatars with ease
  • Optimize network data when features are streamlined.
  • Installation is fast because the application size is only 252kb
  • Fast and smooth data loading
  • Work effectively with network packets
  • Designed for 2G networks and areas with limited connectivity

How to Install Facebook Lite APK?

You can download Facebook Lite latest version for free from a direct link or APK file from APKgalaxy, co. To install the Facebook Lite APK file, you need to set up a device that can install apps that are not on Google Play. To set this up, you need to go to Settings> Security> in the Device Manager section, select Unknown sources (Allow installation of apps not from Market).

The strong points of the Facebook Lite APK compared to the full application:

  • Compatible with all phones running Android operating systems, even though the Android operating system of the lower version phones can still be installed as Facebook lite.
  • Install Facebook lite you will save a lot of money because Facebook lite use very little network bandwidth.
  • Can work well with 2G network, GSM 900
  • Special download Facebook lite very fast because the application is small, so it can load fast and less error.

Facebook lite Support many devices: Samsung, Lenovo, Oppo, HTC, LG, SONY, ZTE, Huawei …

Limitations of Facebook Lite APK for Android

Because of the small size, Facebook Lite APK app lacks some of the features you can see on the standard version, here are some of the limitations that Facebook Lite has:

  • Cannot play live
  • There is no calling function during chat
  • There is no image editing function available
  • View message waiting is more complicated than the standard version.
  • Videos posted on Facebook Lite often have lower SD quality than the standard version

Interface, features of Facebook Lite app

At the first time you open Facebook Lite, you will see many differences. Specifically, the login interface of this application is completely different from the normal Facebook and has many similarities with the web version.

This shortened version is completely independent of the regular Facebook application, so you will need to sign in again, or you can use a Facebook account in addition to your existing Facebook account.

The News Feed does not have much of a difference and is only slightly refined with a neat search bar, with slightly larger fonts.

However, the status bar, status updates, post photos have been reduced to just the words “Post a status update” and the camera icon. This bar also appears, not automatically hidden as on the usual Facebook. Quick Check features are also removed. However, you can still “bypass” by using the option to add a post to a post when posting a new status.

The interface when posting a photo or new status of Facebook Lite is also completely different from the regular Facebook interface and web interface, and check-in does not automatically detect locations around your location. Instead, you have to find yourself. The layout of the user’s profile page or profile of a page is quite simple, not modern, eye-catching interface as the current Timeline. This is understandable by the number one goal of the application is to reduce the capacity to increase download speed.

Scratch operation is also removed quite a lot. Facebook Lite does not support swiping downwards to close the comment or exit the image viewer. You cannot zoom with two fingers, but you can only double-tap the image to zoom in. However, once the photo is zoomed in, you cannot move your finger back and forth to view other areas of the photo. Graphics effects when swiping photos, leaving photos, closing/opening comments are also removed.

Facebook Messaging Lite?

The next big difference is in the messaging section. While on Facebook, users are required to install the Facebook Messenger application. On Facebook Lite you can send and receive instant messages, chat with anyone immediately without installing any software. Of course, you will lose some features on Facebook Messenger as Chat Heads (displaying small pop-ups when chatting), sending voice messages … However, compared to the convenience of chatting right in Facebook without installing additional applications, this is not a big deal.

Who should use Facebook Lite App?

Facebook Lite is an application that is released in tandem with the full version Facebook application from Facebook Inc, in general features, Facebook Lite is guaranteed to deliver the basic experience for all users, however. Minimize the extensibility feature, this application will still have certain limitations, so, who should use Facebook Lite app?

  • People who are using unstable network connections or are using low data rates like 2G, or simply want to save on 3G when wireless is not available.
  • People who use Facebook for basic purposes such as seeing news from friends, texting, commenting on people’s photos, making friends …
  • People who want to text on Facebook without using the Messenger app.

Conclusion Overall.

Facebook Lite has a more monotonous interface than the regular Facebook, and even when placed next to a Facebook-based web page for mobile devices, the app retains the features. The most recent version of Facebook Lite app is also improved and brings a whole new dimension to the user. The important goal that Facebook Lite is aiming for is optimized for 2G networks and the Internet. Low speed and they have done this.

You can download FaceBook Lite APK right below and experience a smoother Facebook experience.


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