Free Download F1 Manager APK For Android 4

F1 Manager

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F1 Manager, If you know racing games on your mobile device, you’ll know Hutch, with the studio that has provided the world with a series of top-ranked games, focusing on cars, including both top drives, MMX Hill Dash 2 and Hot Wheels: Race Off has been loved by over 200 million people worldwide.
The new deal, which began in 2019, showed that Hutch developed the official FIA Formula 1 World Championship mobile game as the sport continues to expand its global audience. In particular, F1 Manager is a challenging and addictive Formula 1 racing game that is about to launch gamers in the future.

Free Download F1 Manager APK For Android 4

Dramatic gameplay

In F1 Manager game, players will compete with their speed and ingenuity with real gamers. In parallel with suffocating races, players also need to spend time and money to upgrade cars, buy new tires, upgrade engines … to be inferior to any opponent. Moreover, you can create an own racing team and find out new drivers for your team in order to increase the winning ability.

Free Download F1 Manager APK For Android 4
When playing F1 Manager for the first time, you will name your racing car and your character, then choose a favorite F1 racing car to start experiencing the most dramatic racing. The control is also quite simple, it is to use the arrow keys to left or right, drive skillfully on the track, press the Space key to brake.

Many interesting challenges

Free Download F1 Manager APK For Android 4

You need to complete the first racing venue in the F1 Manager game to unlock the next challenge. If your driving skills are limited, don’t be afraid to practice many times at level 1 to earn money and upgrade your muscle, vehicle, brake system …
In F1 Manager, some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. And you can buy 1 or more vehicles at the same time depending on the financial situation. Each F1 racing car has been unlocked to be upgraded similar to other cars to compete with each other. Your mission is to perform well on every race with light F1 cars, smooth and powerful.

Stunning graphics

Free Download F1 Manager APK For Android 4

If you have a dream of sitting behind the wheel of a super shiny F1 sports car and trying your speed and racing skills in true 3D environment, come to F1 Manager. This is an online racing game with a vibrant and antagonistic nature.
Action faster than ever with extremely eye-catching graphics. Develop and customize your own F1 car from scratch or race for 1 of 10 official F1 teams, to challenge opponents from around the world in dramatic multi-player races. Brings to the FIA Formula 1 World Championship 2019, including Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo.

Main features of F1 Manager:

Free Download F1 Manager APK For Android 4

– Official Formula 1 racing management strategy game for mobile. F1 Manager is the official mobile speed game of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship 2019, bringing to all racing teams, F1 cars and racers.
– Real-time multiplayer race. Compete with other players around the world in real-time 1v1 races, to advance to the top of the tournament.
– Make a decision to divide seconds to beat your racing competitors
– Win a checkered flag to unlock a new series and earn a grand prize
– Recruitment and training F1 real-life driver
– Collect car components, develop and customize your racing car
– Play against all 10 official F1 teams at the beautiful F1 racing laps
– Remove the genius tactical management commands
– Put your pit stop strategy and choose the right tire compound
– Decide when to push or save fuel
– Reaction to weather changes, accidents and safe vehicle times
– Fight your way to the top of your tournament and win promotions to better divide.

Free Download F1 Manager APK For Android 4

F1 Manager is probably the best quality F1 game developed for mobile devices, giving players the option to personalize gameplay at their disposal. You can customize the look of your car to design your dream F1 car, by changing the color theme and sticker, and adjusting the performance of the car – where you can change the gear ratio dynamics, engines and more.
And as soon as F1 Manager is available on Google Play, quickly download and immerse yourself in the experience of a true F1 racer.



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