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Express yourself as a class gunman with Standoff 2

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Express yourself as a class gunman with Standoff 2

Standoff shooting legend is back with a sequel called Standoff 2. This is the ultimate multiplayer FPS game, allowing you to enjoy new maps, weapons and game modes.

Are you passionate about online multiplayer shooting games and great gunners? You have won many achievements in famous FPS playgrounds such as Mordern Combat, Raid or Enemy Strike… So once again confirm yourself in the Standoff 2 playground.

Standoff 2 is the second part of the standoff multi-player shooter. The game continues to be a fierce confrontation between the task force and the terrorist force and the true first person perspective. However, in this new section, you will be fighting in the new battlefield, using new weapons and enjoying new exciting game modes.

 Standoff 2

Standoff 2 is a shooter for gamers to immerse themselves in crazy shooting scenes, no less than a Counter-Strike on Mobile. Uninvited, no tutorials, no introductions, there are no crazy smoke-free Intro passages, the Standoff 2 game just throws the player into the cyber arena with the heat. Immediately you will have to deal with the most horny players, witnessing bullets rushing into your body or blowing your lightning head.

After the fierce Standoff campaign, the task force has completed the task of repelling the terrorist group from the city. However, their “centipedes” still exist everywhere. Therefore, they decided to regroup, taking over the key areas again.

As a member of the task force, you and your allies are ordered to participate in the campaign, sweeping away every enemy who is hiding in the corner. The combat missions are varied, including team fights, enemy shooting, racing to achieve the first goal, robbing the flag, removing bombs… With the determination to win, in addition to cooperating well with teammates, you are also equipped with a multitude of advanced weapons, powerful firearms. A special feature is that Standoff 2 has no automatic shooting system, no targeting help. The player’s skills and tactics decide all.

Standoff 2

Game Standoff 2 also “minimalist” the whole weapon system. Gamers, despite choosing a scene or robbery, only have a few guns to carry on to the battlefield, causing some to be disappointed for Mobile players. Downloading Standoff 2 is just a small game that doesn’t have big sponsors, so the investment content can’t be “as big” as Modern Combat 5 or CrossFire Legends.

In terms of graphics, Standoff 2 has been significantly improved over the first, more detailed and more realistic version. Besides, it is a smooth, customizable control system to provide the best experience. Players will feel like a gunman and fight in real life arena. The graphic background of the Standoff 2 game download also has a very trendy 3D effect, supported by the renowned Unity engine. The context of true description with the ability to cast shadows and show high light allows the scene of loading 2 Standoff games to become bright in front of the gamer, as if reproducing a mobile CS:GO. Not only that, the sound of the gunfire was also done very well, the sound of the explosion was as if driving the screen.

Standoff 2

Some basic feature of Standoff 2:

– 6 maps

– 3 game modes (“Deathmatch”, “Bombs”, “Weapon race”)

– Friend

– Corridor

– Message

– Transactions between players

– Customize HUD and crosshair

– Voice and text chat

– Lots of fun!

Next features:

– New game mode (“Shooting flag”, “Pirates”)

– Competitive game (“Bomb removal”)

– Tournaments

– New types of knives, grenades, new weapons

– Maps and other interfaces

Standoff 2 gives players many different modes to choose from. Besides, gamers can chat with each other in writing or voice. In particular, you will find many new models of knives, bullets and weapons that have never appeared in previous titles. Quickly download Standoff 2 to express yourself as a class gunman, take control of the battlefield and eliminate many opponents.




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