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Explore the legendary dragon world in Dragons World

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Explore the legendary dragon world in Dragons World

Adventure into the legendary dragon world Dragons World, collect different dragons and create new species, then, let them fight other opponents in the game and prove you are a the best dragon trainer in the world.

Speaking of raising dragons, training dragons games, it is easy to tell some famous names like Dragon City and Dragons: Rise of Berk, School of Dragons, DragonVale World. But it is not the same as the “older brothers” preceded by the 3D graphics for this play that allow users to rotate different angles.

Dragons World

This makes the launch of Dragons World as a new wind blowing into the world game village, making passionate gamers of action strategy genre anxious to explore immediately. Since its launch, this game has attracted more than hundreds of thousands of downloads, 5-star reviews and many compliments. That shows the quality, excitement and undeniable attraction of Dragons World – Social Quantum’s brainchild.

Dragons World will take players to a world where dragons are extremely developed and dominate the world. Here, you will become a true dragon trainer, win various dragons, take care of and train them to take on intense battles.

In order for the real dragon kingdom to grow, gamers need to reasonably calculate problems including building buildings, food resources, which kind of dragons to win, how to train them and how to fight. Each type of dragon will have a different skill and is divided into several systems with elements such as Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Magic, Light … Some mutated dragons can own up to 3 element in the body and has special power. However, these species are quite rare and not all gamers have possessions.

Dragons World

At the beginning of the game, most dragon species you collect are quite weak. Therefore, please take the time to care for and train their skills instead of foolishly fighting because your dragon will surely fail in his hand. When leveling up higher, dragons will learn more fighting skills and are ready to fight into the Dragon League, defeating other players.

A special feature of Dragons World is that players can create a new dragon by crossing between two different dragon species. In addition, players can also sell dragons without being too necessary in their dragon army.

Not only capturing interesting gameplay players, the attraction of Dragons World also comes from extremely detailed, eye-catching 3D graphics. Colorful sacred dragons, clear blue skies and clear clouds, freshly blossoming trees and flowers create a scene of dragon kingdom as a fairyland that anyone wants to set foot on.

Dragons World

Outstanding features of Dragons World game:

– Beautiful 3D world: Impressive, authentic graphics and gamers can freely move.

– Diverse dragon species: More than 300 varieties of dragons from different environments possess unique abilities. Take care and train the legendary dragons and follow their achievements in the Book of Dragon.

– Fight: Train, create armor and use magical items for them. Take them to the arena and win.

– Thousands of players around the world join Dragon World. You can visit friends and receive gifts. Challenge other players across the globe and win first place on the rankings.

– Global map: A large archipelago of small islands hovering between white clouds and beautiful nature.

– Regular updates: The manufacturer will regularly add new tasks, new dragons and new magic items monthly.



Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sq.dragonsworld



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