Heroes of Dragon Age

Experience Heroes of Dragon Age on mobile

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Experience Heroes of Dragon Age on mobile

Heroes of Dragon Age is the title card game called “Hero empire dragon” extremely attractive and completely free on mobile devices.

Located in the next series of the famous Dragon Age series, Heroes of Dragon Age belongs to the genre of action RPGs combined with unique tactical elements, giving players a fascinating fighting experience and thrilling.

Initially, players will spend a relative amount of time familiarizing themselves with the game through detailed instructions for new players. Soon you will enter a vast world with hundreds of different types of enemies to help improve your power gradually. Besides, you can also upgrade each of your hero characters through a leveling system and train as a standard role-playing game.

Heroes of Dragon Age

With the very popular style of General Card (Online Battle Card) game, Heroes of Dragon Age remains loyal to the game of collecting strong cards and builds a deck of cards to match gamers’ mainstream tactics. These cards can increase power through advanced or enhanced forms. However, in certain cases, players need to use real money to buy cards in online stores.

Heroes of Dragon Age for Android owns extremely rich and diverse card system with nearly 500 different cards, divided into many character classes. From human race, elves to bizarre creatures of immortal race or coming out of ancient legends such as dragons and trees… Each card possesses different fighting skills and strengths , cleverly combined by players to create the highest team battle effectiveness.

Heroes of Dragon Age

In Heroes of Dragon Age, players can choose from two different ways to play: Battle Mode allows you to fight against other people around the world through your rankings, Quest Mode can be considered a single player mode. You need to direct a squad of 5 characters in the battle against Thedas. If the plot is not the strength of Heroes of Dragon Age, the gameplay is the highlight to attract and bring value to the game with the increasing difficulty.

For each battle in Battle mode, players will have to arrange their formation according to a reasonable strategy. As a turn-based array game, each character position will give you certain bonus points. Players need to read the tutorial carefully to decide where to place the character and this is the deciding factor for victory. In addition, each character class will have a different similarity, as soon as the match team is established, the character will interact immediately.

Heroes of Dragon Age

Main features of game Heroes of Dragon Age:

– Collect hero characters. Become a legend

Build a “party” of famous warriors and mythical monsters from the Dragon Age platform. Fight against other players in strategy games, 3D CCG fights and compete for rewards in the event every day. Fight against bosses in missions linked from a unique and famous monster-fighting role-playing game.

– Upgrade your force

Collect hundreds of characters from the vast dragon empire planet, including rare dragons, giant monsters and many other diverse species, each possessing unique abilities, parameters and skills private. Use and combine characters to deploy powerful forces, increasing the strength of the entire team. Explore deep tactics with Gallery features: access to hero groups, battle stats, rare levels and special skills.

– Dramatic battle

Build up to 4 teams and see if your tactics are flipped open on large battlefields. The more heroes you have, the higher your chances of winning. Compete with other players to win banners and valuable rewards in events. Deploy your strong squad to receive medals and dominate the Leader Board rankings globally.

– Experience the dragon empire

Participate in epic quests and battles with bosses that you represent for this mighty dragon empire. Receive rewards and achievements of gold by reminiscent of locations, times and plot, directly from the battles you have succeeded.

– Impressive 3D graphics

Heroes of Dragon Age brings you to a beautiful graphics world, true to every detail, that is the image of the dragon involved fighting with special effects of action.

Heroes of Dragon Age possesses a 3D graphics platform with beautiful, vivid images, all integrated in big battles with bosses. In order to win the final victory, gamers need to map out the proper fighting tactics as well as build a powerful army of heroes to participate in flaming arenas.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ea.game.dragonage_row




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