Into the Dead 2

Experience dangerous challenges in “Into the Dead 2”

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Experience dangerous challenges in “Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is a sequel to the once-in-a-lifetime mobile action game – Into the Dead (over 70 million downloads worldwide). With hand-to-hand shooting and realistic graphics, Into the Dead 2 is definitely worth the experience.

If you love zombie shooting games and are looking for a game for Halloween, Into the Dead 2 is not a bad choice. Into the Dead fully converges elements including fierce fighting, hand-to-hand shooting, horror and super-realistic graphics.

Into the Dead 2 brought gamers to the role of a truck driver named James – who is trying to return to his family after hearing the Zombie pandemic is exploding in the world. But on the way James’s truck suddenly suffered, he had to run all the way home. With a long journey full of bloodthirsty zombies, James will have to do everything to get home with his dying sister and father.

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 still follows the style of the first version where gamers will act according to the first view. Applying Endless Runner’s auto-move mechanism, players will have to avoid numerous obstacles along the way… from abandoned car bodies, the stalked trees to bloodthirsty creatures that once carry human souls. But of course, Into the Dead 2 is still a title FPS where gamers have the right to use weapons along the way to take down but the Zombie just rushes at me. But remember that the ammunition in the game is very small and if you swing your hand over your forehead, you will soon see an instant death because sometimes just a rotten meat wall cannot pass.

Into the Dead 2

Enveloped in Into the Dead 2 is a dark, deadly and grisly atmosphere. The zombies walk around like ghosts. The game graphics are beautifully built, so realistic that they cannot be criticized, including shading, lighting, sparks when shot and detailed images of each grass. Combined with the first-person shooter, you will be able to blend into the real game world.

Highlights of zombie Into the Dead 2:

– Develop the story and create many different endings: Complete 7 action chapters, 60 stages and hundreds of difficult challenges

– Powerful weapons and ammunition warehouses: Unlock, upgrade sharp weapons, firearms, explosives and more

– Diverse gameplay: Fire from military arsenal, killing live corpses from vehicles, stab them to survive or risk walking behind them

– A series of harsh environments: Explore various locations, from oil fields, military bases to campsites and rural areas

– The threat of zombies constantly increasing: Change the flexible tactics to destroy all the different zombie waves, including armored corpses and running

– Many daily and special event modes: Prove your skillful shooting skills to win unique prizes

– Loyal companion dogs: Fight against zombies and protect players’ safety

Into the Dead 2

Note: Into the Dead 2 for is free to play but the game contains some items that must be purchased with real money. In addition, the game needs to grant permission to edit, delete and read USB content to connect game expansion files

If you’ve ever loved the way of shooting down zombies in the first part, you definitely can’t miss the version of Into the Dead 2 with lifelike graphics, advanced weapons, challenging gameplay and full more suspicious than before. Are you ready to join the challenge of saving dangerous relatives in Into the Dead 2?




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