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If you are looking for an app that can edit your photos in a unique and new way, Everfilter for Android is the best choice. Released by TopBuzz Japan, Everfilter is a powerful photo editing application that will offer special features for you by transforming your photos into art pieces. This application can be downloaded free, and you can experience it right now.

Everfilter APK latest download for Android

This application has quite same features as common photo editing application such as Prisma or Painnt. However, the special feature of Everfilter is that it can transform your photos captured by your phone into artistic paintings which are completely interesting and lively.

While other editing applications offer hundreds of different filters for you to edit your photos in a variety of styles, Everfilter basically has only one editing option. As soon as you open Everfilter, a screen will appear and tell you to select an image in the photo library. Choose the photo you want and click Apply. After selecting the image, Everfilter will edit it for a few seconds and produce a picture based on the picture you selected. Everfilter for Android only has one more editing mode that is nighttime. You click the moon icon to apply this effect to your photo if you want.

Everfilter APK for Android works best with outdoor portrait images and landscape photos. Everfilter will turn your photos into what looks like painted works of art of famous Japanese artists or Leonardo Davinci. The resulting pictures created by Everfilter are regarded as beautiful and artistic works of art. After completing editing, you can share your image on social networks or send it via email or SMS to your relatives.

One disadvantage of Everfilter is that it does not recognize some details, which makes the effects become strange. Therefore, this leads to the decrease in the animation of photos. However, Everfilter is very compact, easy to use for those who are not familiar with technology. Besides, this application is free and compatible with most Android devices. If you are interested in Everfilter, you can download Everfilter APK file right now to create picturesque photos right on your Android device.


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