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Etersand Warriors is a MOBA game for Android, released by Etermax, which can be downloaded and played on both Android and iOS platforms for free. You can download the latest Etersand Warriors mod at apkgalaxy for free below.
As introduced, Etersand Warriors is a MOBA mobile game. At first sight, you may find something similar to Clash Royale and other card games. However, it does not directly control their characters in a limited map with different areas.

About the map of Etersand Warriors

Etersand Warriors set the scene for space battles, so players will be fighting in an arena on Mars and divided into separate areas, including:

  • Your Base: Your area has 3 towers that you need to protect
  • Enemy’s Base: The enemy’s area, quite similar to yours
  • Fight Area: This is between the two sides. In the middle of the map, it is a circle containing random item support. Which side quickly picks them up, the side will be buffed a corresponding index in a short time.

At each base, the two corners will be the summon monsters. They will automatically move and fight. It can be seen that Etersand Warriors has a small map and is completely clear, with no hidden points or secret areas. All positions in the game are easily visible. The player’s movement area is not over. These are enough to ensure a comfortable combat experience.

About gameplay and controls

Etersand Warriors is a MOBA game with the real-time battle mode, each match in the game takes place in 5 minutes. The player’s task is to shoot and destroy the opponent’s tower to win. Etersand Warriors will pair the players base on their experience points. This is to ensure the fair in the game. After each battle, if you win, you will receive EXP and receive a Chest – open them to receive the gifts inside. You can select your favourite Heroes to train while upgrading the special stats.
The character control in Etersand Warriors is very simple, quite similar to other MOBA games. It will have joystick keys to move characters, the right screen is the action of the heroes and skills can be performed.

A few tips you should know:

Your warriors will recover their blood when you are at your home base, which is something you should keep in mind not to cause your warrior to die from the blood.

Your main task is to destroy the enemy’s base tower, so you should concentrate on this, not to fight against your opponents.

The main area of the map will appear randomly. The supporting items are + damage, + Regeneration, + Speed, Invisibility, pay attention to pick them up – these items are really helpful and help your victory rate higher.

Game Modes

Etersand Warriors offers various game modes.

  • Solo (1v1).
  • The 2v2 mode is equally attractive when you can invite a friend to join the battle with randomly selected 2 other players.

In general, the two modes of gameplay are quite similar in gameplay and combat mechanics. But in 2v2 modes, you will have a different teammate in battle, pay the attention to them to win.

Key features of the game

  • A real-time battle with other players with 2 game modes 1v1 and 2v2
  • Flexible control mechanism for mobile devices
  • Choose – unlock – upgrade your heroes and choose the tactics that you want.
  • Train your fighters and upgrade them to battle.
  • Win and earn experience points to reach to higher levels in the arena
  • Make friends with other players from around the world, inviting them to play with you.
  • Enter the arena and win.

If you are a mobile gamer, Etersand Warriors is a good choice. With the normal map or simple gameplay, the game is a real entertainment but still fascinated by the graphics, bright, beautiful and easy gameplay. Download the Etersand Warriors mod now and join the competition arena.


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