ESWAT: City Under Siege Classic

Uploaded: November 14th, 2017
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ESWAT City Under Siege Classic is now available on mobile phones. You can download and play for free to rediscover SEGA’s most popular game titles.

ESWAT City Under Siege Classic Mod APK download

The game content is about Liberty City, which is in a state of chaos and poor security. The criminals overwhelm the entire of the city. Criminal groups are everywhere and chaotic by their aggression. The city can collapse at any time. In this situation, a solution is the latest cybernetic armor kit developed by Genesi Corporation. You will simulate a police officer. This armor, with the task of ending violence, is escalating.

The audio and graphics ESWAT City Under Siege Classic reminiscent of the 90s, with the familiar 8-bit style. The context of the game is also fairly straightforward, players are moving their characters on the horizontal screen, paying attention to the dangerous opponents can appear everywhere, use the gun to knock them down or use the attack by hands. The sound in the game is extremely simple, with electronic tracks, crash simulators. Explosive sounds of the guns and actions are also reproduced like other 8-bit games.

ESWAT City Under Siege Classic Key features :

  • Armed with plasma rifles, flamethrowers, and more
  • Use a jetpack to gain an advantage in battle
  • The giant Boss is made of alloy
  • A lot of aid to help you in the battle.

ESWAT City Under Siege Classic is for those who love the 8-bit games of the 90s. If you have ever fallen in love with Sega games, ESWAT City Under Siege Classic is a game you should not miss.


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