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Escape Logan Estate – An interesting puzzle game on Android/iOS

You’re stuck in the wilderness with your grumpy grampa, your brother and a house full of cryptic clues. Oh, and gramps has a tightly locked secret room under the stairs. And he gets super grumpy if you knock on the door when he’s down there. It’s all vaguely sinister, but that’s really the point in Escape Logan Estate, a game with a gentle piano soundtrack and cartoony artwork that doesn’t quite tell the whole story.

It’s a mystery game where you tap the scenery to open doors, pick up items and combine them to solve puzzles. So, for example, you’ll grab an axe to chop some wood, find some matches and start a fire to uncover a clue to the next puzzle, opening up new areas of Logan Estate as you go. Pay careful attention to the scenery—the slightest wrinkle in a carpet or tear in a picture on the wall can reveal a vital clue. Oooh, cryptic. This is the kind of thing you see scattered around Logan Estate. And yes, grampa has clearly had some time on his hands out here in the wilderness; the clues hidden around Logan Estate get increasingly complex, but there’s a hint system and walkthrough available in the game if you get stuck. So what’s the deal with gramps? What are secrets lurking in and around Logan Estate? And why do you need to escape anyway? Amateur sleuths will love finding out.

Escape Logan Estate key features:

  • The game is divided into three chapters with interesting challenges
  • Gameplay solving is very attractive and highly challenging
  • The graphics are absolutely unique
  • The sound in the game is very attractive.

Currently, Escape Logan Estate is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. You can download the game and install it easily with the link we provide below. Do not forget to visit the every day to get the latest games for Android and iOS.


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