Enlight Apk Android Download 4

Enlight Android Apk Download

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Enlight Android Apk Download

Enlight Apk Android Download 4

Enlight is considered as one of the best photo editing application on App Store until now. With a price of only $ 3.99, Enlight gives iPhone/iPad users a set of professional, useful and especially photo editing tools is really easy to use.
Although there are many free photo editing apps on the App Store, if you want to explore more deeply about photography and professional image processing, you can choose Enlight. Enlight helps create impressive shots at first sight on the user interface can not be simpler.

Enlight Apk Android Download 4

Main features of Enlight on iPhone/iPad/Android:

Perfect photo editing

– Advanced image processing features help you get the best photo even though the original image is not really perfect.
– Easily handle color tones, colors and image details.
– Create and save personal presets for later use.
– Special coordination effects help correct photos in different ways.

Advanced photo filters

– Possess a classic film or filter photo.
– Color image processing with dual color gradients.
– Add light leakage effect and blur photo border to create classic style.

Make black and white photos

– Discover the technology of making monochrome images according to traditional ideas.
– Use preset to convert the most natural black and white image.
– Add some artistic effects such as film photography, blurring, noise …

Enlight Apk Android Download 4

Realize the dream of making artwork

– Easily turn the most ordinary photos into works of art.
– Add special painting effects.
– Natural street photo effect.
– Turn photos into realistic sketches.

Decorate multi-style photos

– Hand drawing, write directly on the image.
– Paste decals or stickers to decorate funny pictures.
– Add custom photo captions, borders, photo frames …

Mix unique photos

– Overlay 2 images to create a double exposure effect.
– Surreal photo design.
– Coordinate photos in different ways.

Smart photo editing

– Fix photos that are exposed or underexposed.
– Use a swipe to regain blurred image details.
– Effective noise cancellation.
– Clone / Heal tool to handle unreasonable details on photos.

Powerful photo editing tool

– Allow to change the shape, distort the object on the image.
– Integrate Linear, Mirror and Tilf-Shift options to handle focus areas.
– Adjust image tones with curve diagrams.
– Correctly processing individual image effects.

Image cropping options

– Flip, rotate and straighten the image.
– Change the photo layout to a new angle.

Share photos fast

– Create square size photos to share on Instagram.
– Create hilarious Meme to share with friends.
– Unique photo collage with many templates available.
– Share photos on social networks with the click of a button.
– Share multiple photos at once.

The photo editing process is groundbreaking

– Automatically save sessions and resume whenever you want.
– Compare original images with photos after editing.
– Select the output image quality (JPEG, PNG or TIFF).
– Fix 19 MP images in real time on iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad Mini 2 and above.
– Review the entire image editing process step by step.
This application supports so many languages including: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish.


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