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Uploaded: August 3rd, 2017
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Emolfi empathic selfie cam is a wonderful free image-editing application on the Play Store. Emolfi for Android can “visualize” the mood of the character in the photo into angel, devil or Wolfman… Emolfi is the first selfie app with “empathy” characteristic. Its intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) can recognize emotions and automatically create a “happy” style according to the mood of the object in the picture. Wait a minute, you will see yourself transformed into a demon of fire with mad rage or an angel in the beautiful rainbow sky, or a ghastly ghost in the dark forest … That’s all That Emolfi for Android brings to all users.

Emolfi APK for Android uses a mirage artificial neural network to identify emotions, replace wallpapers and apply style switch filters to images. It means that your normal selfie photos will turn into completely new pictures, reflecting your current mood. All of them will be great, make you surprised.

Next time, if your friends ask “What’s the matter?”, Use Emolfi right now for Android on your phone, take a photo of yourself and share with them. Emolfi will prove the image is more than words spoken. As you can see, Emolfi for Android is not too difficult to use. Instead of smoothing and removing normal facial defects, why you do not refresh your style in a really different way. This great photo-editing tool helps you. Download Emolfi for Android for free at apkgalaxy.co right away.


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