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Elsword M: Shadow of Luna is a fast-paced MMORPG game that has just been released by KOG Games and Nexon for free on the Play Store. Therefore, gamers can download the game for Android, those who are using the iOS operating system have to wait for a while longer.

Elsword M: Shadow of Luna Mod APK English for Android

The game was developed based on Elsword Online. However, Shadow of Luna brings more differences. You will still see the similar characters but they are shaped older. On this new adventure, you will be playing one of the four main characters: Elsword, Aisha, Rena, & Raven, who will go to the Lunalos and find the Moon pieces to save the world.

Elsword M: Shadow of Luna Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold/Diamond
  • God Mod/ No Skill CD

All about the gameplay of Elsword M: Shadow of Luna (English)

What makes Elsword: Shadow of Luna different is the unique 3D combat system. Unlike the horizontal screen combat system of PC version, Elsword: Shadow of Luna is integrated 3D style with beautiful 360-degree rotation. Like many other mobile games, Elsword: Shadow of Luna also has an auto-play feature, but players need to pay attention to using the navigation keys if they want to avoid monster attacks and launch combo skills. In addition to the virtual keys to move and attack, the game also provides two more virtual buttons that start a combo chain and use other skills.

The gameplay will revolve around the special Tag Team system where you have to choose a suitable combat team, with three main roles and nearly 75 special skills, which can only be found in the game. Basically, the character will automatically attack, but manual moves need to be utilized to create multiple attacks and instant counterattack. You can also replace the characters in battle if they are no longer able to fight. In particular, the game’s skill set and the system will be closely related, depending on the clothes you are wearing. Determines the number of moves that you can use in the match.

Select your character

Elsword: Shadow of Luna has up to 6 different character classes. New characters are automatically added when players pass Story mode. Like the PC version, each character has 6 additional classes divided into 2 levels to upgrade, but each character only upgrades 2 different classes. Each skill has certain strong points and weak points. For example, Rena can be upgraded to Sniping Ranger and Grand Archer to maximize ranged damage or Combat Ranger and Wind Sneaker if the player loves the melee. During combat, players can switch between two different characters depending on their opponent. In particular, Elsword: Shadow of Luna also provides a lot of beautiful costumes for the character with additional indicators.

Various game modes

The premium costumes are also found in a variety of ways by buying from the store, dropping bosses, or crafting them with ingredients. Elsword: Shadow of Luna’s gameplay mode also has the variety you love. Whichever way it goes, from Luna Search Party – follow the main storyline of the game with its addictive, up to the world boss in the Tower of Rule, or even confront the vicious, dangerous monsters in Henir’s Time and Space challenge. Elsword M creates great appeal thanks to the cute cartoon platform.

Get Elsword M: Shadow of Luna Mod Latest version for free

The game is not only the top of the gameplay but also the successful transformation of characters and content from the original version to the mobile platform. You guys will have the opportunity to receive the valuable rewards. You can download the latest mod of the game now and participate in the interesting adventure.


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