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Egg Finder – Welcome to the world of eggs! The most fun egg game!

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Egg Finder – Welcome to the world of eggs! The most fun egg game!

The casual game line has been on the market for a long time and soon became a phenomenon. Not only the entertainment that it brings, but the gameplay is also very easy to get used to. Can mention the successful games such as Flappy Bird, Crossy Road, Angry Bird, Fruit Ninja … Catching this, Nox Joy has released the game Egg Finder. Since its launch, the game has attracted significant attention by users because of its colorful graphics, lovely pets, and increasing difficulty.

Egg Finder has only one task: take the pet to the finish line and go to a new level. But they won’t do it alone, because the trapping system gets in your way harder and harder. It can be said that this terrain game is easily addictive from the first game. Playability is also a factor that makes them just want to play until the stage.

Egg Finder

In the game, all you have to do is use a finger to tap the screen for the pet to run. At the next level, there will be obstacles in your way. And don’t think that just a quick run will pass. Your slow speed cannot improve, so you have to be alert to find the rules of the traps to get past them and reach the finish line.

Although it requires patience and a bit of acumen, the game does not discourage players. Nox Joy created the easy-to-listen, easy-to-listen songs, ensuring you really relaxing playing hours after stressful working hours. This also helps create an atmosphere of psychological comfort for players so they do not get discouraged when they unfortunately lose and return to the starting line.

Egg FinderEgg Finder

True to the name of the Egg Finder game, during the game you will collect cherries, and from there can buy eggs containing super cute pet baby in the shop. They do not have special abilities, but the higher priced eggs will have special effects when moving. In addition to collecting, you can also choose the pet that is most beautiful and cutest.

After passing 5 levels, you will visit new villages such as strawberry village, snow village … Wallpaper in Egg Finder will also change according to the village you step to. This leads to a more interesting gameplay than just letting the pet run around with a single dominant color.

After playing through Egg Finder, I think this is a very good game. Although the gameplay is not new, but the creativity in graphics, music has captured the hearts of players. This game is still in development, but I think everyone should play it once. Surely you will love the super cute baby pets, the friendliness in graphics and music.

Egg Finder Egg Finder

Game Features:
✔Different challenges
Egg Finder is a simple casual egg game, but each level is full of challenges. Can you unlock more egg game characters and become an adventure capitalist? Try it!

✔Choose favorite egg
After continuously passing the level, you can unlock more small animal game characters, such as angry bird, rabbit, cat, lion…Different eggs for your choice!

✔Relaxing strategy game
Egg game design is very interesting and strategic, will allow you to enjoy hours of entertainment and relaxation!

✔New adventures
In the Egg Finder game, new adventures for you to go on all the time! It is important to know that although Egg Finder is a casual game about the egg, it has nothing to do with hen and chicken.

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