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Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is a new action RPG developed by Nexon on March 30 based on KOEI’s Unmatched Three Kingdoms Triad on PC / Console. Simulating into the Three Kingdoms legends and begin the fiery battle to win the supreme position. Three Kingdoms of War is a hot topic and has always been considered by virtual entertainers as Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms, Kingdom Warriors. However, to find a playground that can perfectly reproduce the real Three Kingdoms on Android is not easy. So far, only the longest Dynasty Warriors series on the PC / Console platform of Koei Tecmo Games has done it.

After a long time that Trial Beta and the soft launch was released in some areas, Nexon has finally released the official version of Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed: Three Kingdoms, Unleashed on March 30th around the world. In just a few days, this game has had more than 2 million downloads. Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Mod money is based on the long console game and well-known Koei Tecmo Game. Due to the same source, Nexon’s Dynasty Warriors Unleashed will retain most of the gameplay from its cousin – Dynasty Warriors. It means that players will have the opportunity to experience an immense battlefield scale, the action phase and the heroes with the mythical weapon for destroying the enemy.

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Mod APK for Android

  • It is not only the traditional martial arts stage but also the divine martial arts.
  • With skills of the Holy Spirit and the Noble Avenger, you can defeat all the enemy.
  • Collect and improve more than 48 generals from the Unrivaled Three Kingdoms series
  • The legendary celebrities of the Three Gorges of the Three Kingdoms are back on the mobile.
  • Each hero is equipped with unmatched combat skills and abilities.
  • Develop generous team captain, conquer every game mode.
  • The characteristic armament system greatly will strengthen the generals
  • Flexible weapons characteristics when equipped for each general.
  • Special effects apply to specific weapons, allowing to replay the game.
  • The game with movie effect scene and emotional story.
  • Recall the Changbai Bridge and Guan Yue battles and others.
  • The Three Kingdoms launch the mobile version with many game modes
  • Fight: Real-time battles involving up to four sides.
  • Fight boss: Cooperate to fight and rob the boss with your friends.
  • Robbery: Rob the opponent resource.
  • Rob the mine: Rob the mines and collect resources.
  • Conquerors: Compete with other fighters to gain control of the map.


  • Suggestion: Three Kingdom Hearts Song: The War is optimized to run on Android 4.0 / Samsung Galaxy S4 and above. If the device has a lower specification than the above devices, there may be a problem requesting a network connection to enjoy the most satisfying game.
  • The game requires the following permissions for Android 4.3 and below to provide the best and best experience for the game.
  • Requires photo / multi media access / files: required for downloadable content. This will NOT be used for purposes other than installing and experiencing the game.
  • If you have any problems of playing the game, please send email to “help_D.W@nexon.com” or go to Settings> Help and Support to contact the game administrative management and get help as quickly as possible.


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