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Nexon has officially opened the survival game Durango: Wild Lands for Android, a free Closed Beta version that allows gamers to download and experience the game for free. In the game, you will join Durango’s fascinating world of exuberant worlds and experience a world of the great extinction, with a series of dangers that can always kill your character.

Durango: Wild Lands Mod Full APK+Data for Android

Durango: Wild Lands for Android is the next evolution of the mobile MMO. It was nominated for E3’s “Best Mobile / Handheld of 2017” award at the Game Critics Awards. The game allows users to freely move and choose their own gameplay. Mission in the game is varied from discovering unique pitfalls, building cities in real time to direct confrontation with enemies and giant dinosaurs.

Durango: Wild Lands for Android changes your world into a Durango. You will discover the rich primitive environment combined with the modern items that are delivered. To survive, you have to exploit both classical and modern resources around your position. Take the lead for land reclamation, planting, and development in Durango’s vast wilderness by choosing your own path to interact with the virtual world and many other players.

Key features of Durango: Wild Lands for Android

  • Learn to live in the world of Durango
  • Settle in civilized islands and be tamed by collecting, hunting, manufacturing, cooking, farming, construction and trading to manage your territory and property.
  • Discover the islands, filled with precious resources, domineering dinosaurs and many hidden secrets
  • Work together to create a clan and expand the village. Hunt the giant dinosaurs in the Raid Island and join the PvP fight and bloody clan fighting.
  • Conquer the Savage Island to collect more resources and defeat the enemy to gain control the world.
  • Discover unlimited islands of different environments and more complex content

Recommended configuration for use when playing Durango: Wild Lands for Android

  • Android 4.0.3 or higher on Samsung Galaxy S3 device or later
  • Android lower than 4.0.3 may cause the game to crash
  • Requires network connection
  • Experience the survival and hunting of dinosaurs in Durango’s vast virtual world: Wild Lands for Android

Have you ever dreamed of fighting a dinosaur and want to find out how to survive in prehistoric time? If the answer is yes, Durango: Wild Lands for Android is the best game that you’re looking for.


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