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Dunpets Colors Premiere Android / iOS Gameplay (Offline RPG)

Dunpets Colors Premiere 1.2.7 Mod APK can be viewed as a different version of Pokémon but it has made the appropriate changes to bring new experiences to the player. In the world of Dunpets Colors, there will be small monsters with special abilities that humans can domesticate and raise to make them a pet. However, one day, a special diamond appeared and changed the character of the Dunpets to become more aggressive. Now, our protagonist on the road to find out and rescue these super cute animals.

Dunpets Colors Premiere 1.2.7 Mod APK Unlimited Coin/Free shopping

Initially, you will be given a Dunpets egg to incubate and wait for it to pop out its own Dunpets. There are many types in the fantasy world of gaming that you can explore and capture on your adventure journey.

The fighting mechanism in the game is the heritage from Pokémon that all battles are done in turn-based strategic style. The indexes, comparisons and skill systems learned of each Dunpets species greatly influence the final polarization. When you defeat your opponent, your Dunpets will also get experience points to level or evolve as usual.

Dunpets Colors Premiere Mod Features:

  • Unlimited coin
  • Free shopping

However, one of the biggest differences between Dunpets Colors Premiere Mod and Pokémon is that you cannot catch them by weakening and catching the ball. Instead, if you want some kind of special Dunpets, gamers must find the eggs of that species and hatch until the hatch, a process of feats and interesting.

In addition to the main content is to nurture and care for pets. You also have many other activities to try through such as home decorating, buying equipment with other players, communicate with the NPC to take sub-tasks … like Pokémon game, but not Pokémon. Dunpets Colors Mod APK has released the Android version, along with the PC version.


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