Dunkers 2 – Basketball Madness

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Dunkers 2 is a new innovative 8-bit basketball game developed by KAPPSULE developer that brings you exciting, entertaining moments. Let’s join basketball match in Dunkers 2 to experience the exciting encounters of the adorable animated characters, who possess the extraordinary hands. Participating in this new sports game, the player’s task is to control the character to take the ball from the opponent, then make nice rounds to keep and put the ball into the basket. When you lose the ball, you should immediately retreat back to the defensive and prevent the opponent from scoring.

Dunkers 2 – Basketball Madness Mod Unlimited money/full unlocked

Dunkers 2 has 3 game modes including Arcade, Career, and 2-player. In Arcade mode, players are competing in two rounds with the machine. In the Career mode, you will play 10 consecutive rounds and be ranked after the end of the match. More specifically, with the 2-player mode, you can invite your friends to compete. However, because the two must play together on a single device, so if you own a phone with a small touch screen is almost impossible to play. This is considered to be the biggest minus of this game.

The gameplay and control characters in the game Dunkers 2 (Mod APK) are extremely simple, you just press the up, down or the defensive button to return to prevent the opponent from scoring the ball into the basket. In addition, players also need to control their characters to snatch the ball from the opponent and cleverly put the ball into your basket. Because of its 8-bit graphics, Dunkers 2 Mod certainly does not have the same sharper 3D graphics, but the characters in the game are extremely fun such as ninja, monkey, … In addition, cheers of the audience cheering each time you score points help players always feel excited during the game.

Key features of the game Dunkers 2 on Android:

  • Experience 3 game modes, including playing with the machine or inviting friends to compete to create dramatic, attractive game.
  • The character in this fun, adorable game, combined with the hilarious sound that makes you feel like you are in the stadium with thousands of cheering fans.
  • Simple 8-bit graphics to be easy to play, make it easy for gamers to enter and match the speed of the game.
  • The small size of capacity helps players easily download and play for free.

New feature: Added AI gameplay and navigation so players can easily participate in the game and show off professional basketball talents.


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