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Basketball is a popular sport in the world, so it is familiar to appear as a mini-game in the Facebook message. In many countries around the world, basketball is considered one of the most popular sports with millions of fans. Based on the basketball sport with the goal of putting the ball in the basket, the Voodoo developer created the Dunk Hit. For most players, Dunk Hit will create fun in idle time thanks to its relatively simple gameplay and simple gameplay: control the ball into the basket. The goal may sound easy, but you will be surprised by the gameplay and the difficulty this game is.

Dunk Hit APK full unlocked/removed ads Latest/update

If you have played through familiar games like Flappy Bird, you will soon realize that Dunk Hit APK game has quite similar gameplay. On the screen, there will appear a random basketball ring on the left or right of the screen, accompanied by a ball. The player will interact with it by touching the screen, each touch, the ball will be Push up a little, and you have to align the thrust to get it into the basket Each time you put the ball in the basket, you have scored a point. In fact, the ball from the top to score points in Dunk Hit full unlocked, so, what is the difficulty of this game? The answer is that when you put the ball into the basket for a certain amount of time, the game will show up as a yellow bar that burns over time. The higher the score, the more difficult to put the ball into the basket. The ultimate goal of the game is to try to score as many points as possible. Normally, every time you put the ball in the basket you will gain 1 point, but not all. If you put the ball in the basket without touching the backboard, you get the “perfects” effect on the screen and increase the score you get. If you receive the “perfects” point again, the points added in each pass to the basket will be added continuously until you lose the effect.

Game Features:

  • Simple gameplay, your task is just to put the ball into the basket.
  • Gradual difficulty increasing.
  • Beautiful and impressive game effects.
  • Accurate physics simulation.
  • Share your high scores

Dunk Hit allows you to unlock new ball:

When accumulated to certain points, you can unlock new ball types. Maybe balls with different colors, be it fruits, or random objects. There are 24 different types of the ball. In the future, it may be added more. To switch to a ball type you want, just click on it. The condition of unlocking a ball can be to achieve a certain score, achieving perfect, etc. These types of balls are generally not different, they are intended to bring new experiences to players.


When you fail, you can watch a promotional video in seconds to continue your journey with the score. Or simply playback from the beginning without limitation. In the game, there are some ads. If you feel uncomfortable and do not want to see ads, you can spend $ 2.9 to disable it permanently by clicking on the “No Ads” icon on the game menu. It is not mandatory to opt out, but you should also pay your attention.

Generally, Dunk Hit (Full unlocked/removed ads) is a simple game, with some main features and quite basic but very attractive and suitable for every age. This can be a useful tool to help you have good spare time.


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