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Uploaded:November 13th, 2017
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The racing game title is always popular because of the fierce competition and spectacular racing, giving a great experience for those who love speed. Currently, on the Android platform, the games are diversified from quantity to quality. You can easily find a game to try, but to choose the best quality game is not easy. Today, we will introduce you the best one, Drift Max Pro.

Download Drift Max Pro APK + OBB Latest/Updates for Android

Participate in Drift Max Pro, players will be behind the wheel and participate in exciting and challenging races. Drift Max Pro is not entirely a racing game. In the game, you are driving the car to the latest and perform the Drift phase to finish.

After each round, you will be graded. The scores will determine the reward you receive, there will be factors affecting the rewards, including Drift points, Edge Drift Score, Clean Race. Use the money you earned to buy new cars, with more powerful engines. Currently, Drift Max Pro has more than 10 different car brands of your choice.

Like with other racing games, you are doing everything with your car, like changing colors, upgrading…

Drift Max Pro offers a variety of game modes including:

  • “Daily Track” Race
  • Classic Drift Race.
  • Slalom Drifting.
  • Cone Toppling.
  • Perfect Drift.
  • Free Ride.

Each game mode will have different characteristics. You will have the opportunity to receive great gifts when participating. Drift Max Pro has nice 3D graphics, good details and realistic drifting of cars. We sure that you will probably love Drift Max Pro on the first look.


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