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Dream Town Story brings gamers into the process of building their own city in the style of small – light – beautiful Kairosoft. You cannot ignore Kairosoft – the development team of Japan with the simplicity Game Mobile emblem but bring incredible power. With these games, players are back to childhood with funny 8-bit models, feeling a playful way of simulating the most ordinary activities.

Dream Town Story Mod APK Unlimited Money for Android

Dream Town Story – The title of the Mobile Game has just been released by Kairosoft, which is a typical example of that style. No 3D graphics or action sequences, there are no complicated gameplay and difficult tasks. Dream Town Story brings gamers to a colorful world with the task of building a famous small town in the world.

Like SimCity, Dream Town Story gives the player the role of an inaugural mayor, who is in charge of developing the hometown town so as prosperous as possible. Players have to start building the road and planning the land, they can lure people to live in towns and boost their economies. But whether or not each of the residents has a life and passion, such as the guy who is a freelance game lover and a cake lover, the other wants to invade the stock market but she likes to walk in the park. That is why everyone will have a dream and when those dreams are fulfilled. You will have happy residents.

In addition, the lives of these residents are influenced by a lot of different factors such as habitat or surrounding landscape. To help them feel more comfortable, you can bring in more neighbours or more plants to help keep the atmosphere fresh. Seeing your people busy with their daily lives, talking to each other or having their own hobbies to give us a warm feeling.
Although it has an 8-bit graphics platform that is full of fun and color, the game shows the care of every detail of Kairosoft as the lives of these residents are influenced by external factors such as the environment, the surrounding landscape… You have to help them live in the most comfortable atmosphere. The more happy residents, the more your town economy grows stronger.

Key features of the game:

  • Build the city and develop it your way
  • Build new buildings, unlock new lands and expand your city
  • Upgrading works in the city
  • Ensure the pleasant life of the residents of the city
  • Connect to your social network account and play with your friends

Dream Town Story is a great mobile game that you cannot ignore. Even though it is not a dramatic game, Dream Town Story Mod Money will bring exciting moments of fun and true experience.


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