Draw Joust!

Draw Joust! – Draw the strongest cart!

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Draw Joust! – Draw the strongest cart!

Download and participate in unique car wars only in Draw Joust!, VOODOO’s latest action game. VOODOO is an extremely popular publisher on Google Play, no doubt about that. They created a series of fun, unique and somewhat “crazy” games. It seems that the creativity from this developer is without limits. Sports, people, animals, space, art, war, … Anything can turn into an interesting game, capable of attracting millions of players around the globe. Recently, they released Draw Joust!, a game considered to be part 2 of Draw Climber. This game will show you what an artist will do when engaged in a duel.

Draw Joust!

Why do I say that this game is part 2 of Draw Climber? Basically, the gameplay of these two games is quite similar. It is divided into two parts. First, you need to design your vehicle by drawing on the screen (with Draw Climber, you only draw wheels). You can draw anything by holding your finger on the screen, however, you can only draw with only one stroke and a limited amount of ink. This requires you to think carefully before drawing, because the design of the car greatly affects the way you fight in the match. If you feel dissatisfied with your vehicle, you can select the Trash button to redraw from the beginning.

When your vehicle is ready, choose Fight! to start the fight. Here, you will confront another warrior with their vehicle. Swipe to the sides of the screen to control your vehicle moving forward / backward, and find ways to use your weapon to attack opponents.

Draw Joust!Draw Joust!

There are 1001 types of death when you play Draw Joust!. Stabbed by a spear, falling out of the car, falling into the sea, being slashed by a sword, … You won’t know how you will end the opponent until you actually fight them.

Weapons are one of the important factors, directly affecting your tactics in battle. In the waiting screen for each match, you will know your weapons and the opponent’s weapons, thereby finding a way to draw a suitable car. If your enemy uses swords, draw a very tall car, because the sword has a relatively short range. When the enemy uses a hammer, draw a shield on the front of the vehicle if you do not want your car to be smashed to pieces. Sometimes, when your enemy is below, a vehicle with a low center of gravity will easily attack him directly.

Draw Joust!Draw Joust!

The ink strokes will be destroyed when you attack with weapons. In some early levels, you can attack directly on the opponent. But most of the levels, your opponents are carefully guarded. You need to destroy the vehicle’s layers if you want to attack him. If your weapon is strong enough, you will destroy the opponent’s car faster. Draw Joust! Give you four upgrades that help you become stronger, including:

  • Ink: After the upgrade, you can draw longer.
  • Power: Increase your power.
  • Health: Increase health, increase endurance.
  • Offline Earnings: Upgrading this item will help you earn an extra amount of passive money every time you are offline. In my opinion, you should upgrade this item soon, then use the money received to upgrade the remaining items.

Draw Joust! Draw Joust!

Like previous games, Draw Joust! Only relatively modest 2D graphics. However, the physics in the game are extremely impressive and realistic. Your brush strokes look like springs, constantly stretching as you move. There is a good interaction between the strokes and the way the car operates, it helps you feel the reality of the game.

Draw Joust! is the most unique game you can download to your phone. Gameplay is simple, interesting and very addictive. The game is where you show your creativity and painting talent. If you are ready, download the game right away via the link below the article.

Link Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.galya.drawjoust


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