DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator

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DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator is a Nintendo DS emulator. This is considered as the best NDS gaming software for Android devices. With the DraStic DS emulator, you can play all NDS games without any difficulty. You will even get higher performance than on real gaming consoles.

DraStic DS Emulator is an application that emulates a handheld gaming console from the developer Exophase. Nintendo DS was once very popular with the largest video game development company in the country, Cherry Blossom Nintendo.

DraStic DS Emulator

Nintendo DS, abbreviated DS, is a handheld game console with two screens (Dual Screen). This is a very popular handheld device and was sold in the US on November 24, 2004. The machine has two LCD screens running in parallel, especially the lower screen has integrated touch, so you can choose touch controls or use the buttons on the sides of the screen to play the game.

Similar to GameBoy, this awesome gaming console has a built-in wireless microphone and Wi-Fi connection so you can interact with others online. The opponent of this device is Sony’s PlayStation. In order not to be inferior to its rivals, Nintendo has now developed the DS a new step when officially launching the market of 3DS game consoles.

Nintendo DS is on Android?

As we said, in order not to be left behind by Sony, Nintendo developed a 3DS to replace the DS. And now, the DS is no longer being developed by Nintendo as well as being sold on the game market. However, with DraStic DS Emulator, you can play DS games right on your smartphone.

Like DamonPS2 PRO, Exophase is a very talented developer and is very passionate about console games. They regret when the DS is no longer being developed and want to bring it into the smartphone. That is convenient when you can play DS games right on your phone. You can enjoy your favorite games anytime, anywhere.

DraStic DS Emulator

Features of DraStic DS Emulator:

– Support to increase the quality of 3D graphics of the game to 2 times the original resolution. This feature works best on devices with quad-core or higher chips.

– Customize the position and size of the DS screen. Optionally change one or two monitor mode.

– Full support, control by the handle. And physical controls in devices like Nvidia Shield, Xperia Play.

– Easily change the virtual keyboard DraStic DS Emulator apk to suit your control.

– Save and resume extremely simple game progress. Support backing up your game progress to Google Drive.

– A database containing thousands of cheat codes is available. On the setting of drastic free download, the application will recognize the game itself. Then automatically give you the appropriate cheat codes.

– Back up your game progress to Google Drive.

– Speed ​​up games, hide touch, virtual keyboard as you like.

The software does not include any games. To play the game, you will need the NDS ROMs file. You can download NDS ROMs on the Internet and browse them through the app.

DraStic DS Emulator

The developer has confirmed that you can run all the titles on the DS with just this great application. However, this application is only an incomplete test version, so there are still some small errors. And they will not provide the Roms of games for copyright reasons. They insisted this was a backup, not affiliated with Nintendo. But do not worry because at present, there are still many people who love the series of games on this system, you absolutely can download ROMs of games on the Internet.





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