Dragons: Titan Uprising

Dragons: Titan Uprising – another dragon training game

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Dragons: Titan Uprising – another dragon training game

Ludia, Jurassic World developer Alive and Dragons: Rise of Berk has just released a new style match-3 RPG game called Dragons: Uprising Titan for mobile

Dragons: Titan Uprising is a role-playing game with a match-3 style battle mechanism, where you’ll be with Toothless and Hiccup, as well as every other dragon friend fighting against evil forces.

Dragons: Titan Uprising

Once again, players will be accompanied by Toothless and Hiccup, as well as every other dragon in the journey to fight against the evil Dragonroot army to rescue Berk. Collaborate with other coaches and all dragon friends to regain the airspace and waters, designed based on DreamWorks’ animated film How To Train Your Dragon.

Download Dragons: Titan Uprising and explore all lands as well as dungeons outside the island of Berk as you fight to destroy the evil empire to rescue the dragons. Formed the legendary fighting army including many dragons with unique power and skills in this unique match-3 intellectual game.

Become the legendary puzzle game champion when swiping, combining, fighting and exploding your way across the lands, performing rescue missions Berk from the unjust Dragonroot Company. Join Hiccup and Toothless as you explore, breed and collect legendary dragons in the latest RPG game How to Train Your Dragon on mobile.

Dragons: Titan Uprising

What you need to do in match-3 games Dragons: Titan Uprising is collecting and upgrading dragons, then forming a formation with 5 members that appear as cards to confront the villain. The game has a match-3 puzzle-style battle mechanism, where the gems you pair will release special dragon attacks. The color of the jewel in the game board corresponds to the dragon in your battle squad.

Choose a battle team to play a role, participate in quizzes. Dragons: Titan Uprising has more than 100 species of dragons for players to choose and lead them to successfully complete the rescue mission of Berk. The rarer the dragon has the greater the power. Besides the available dragons, players can also hatch many new dragons, nurture and upgrade them to become powerful warriors. Fight against 3 or more dragons and combine 3 or more magic stones in more than 750 unique RPG puzzle battles when attacking opponents with your dragon powers.

Dragons: Titan Uprising

With the ability to breed and nurture dragons, the game allows players to hatch eggs to hatch wild dragons with your own Dragon Hatchery. Nurture them from an early age to adulthood and possess the legendary Titan wings.

When playing the Dragons game: Titan Uprising, players will explore new areas, caves outside of the island of Berk when experiencing a completely new task to become the RPG Dragons puzzle champion: Titan Uprising. Use your spoils from epic dragon battles to develop empires by upgrading and building new structures.

Swipe, combine, fight & attack your way to become the best puzzle Dragons: Titan Uprising. After that, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the exciting story of DreamWorks How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World. What great things are waiting for you ahead. Let’s find out for yourselves.

Overall, the Dragons: Titan Uprising is a puzzle game that has a very interesting and creative storyline. If you want to train your brain, don’t be afraid to try Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ludia.dragon3




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