Dragons: Rise of Berk

Dragons: Rise of Berk – dragon training game on mobile

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Dragons: Rise of Berk – dragon training game on mobile

Role-playing as village chief Berk to build Viking pirate village and protect it with DreamWorks dragons in the Dragons game: Rise of Berk.

The story in the game is inspired by the movie “How to train your dragon”. The player will play the boy’s shoulder Hiccup Penguin. Facing peace on Berk Island is threatened by strangers, Hiccup will join his dragon, Toothless and residents on the island, unite and fight against those bad guys, can show the collective strength of the mighty Berk Island.

 Dragons: Rise of Berk

Keeping close to the plot in the film, Hiccup will be the middle man, standing between the stubborn Vikings and stubborn dragons. His mission is to maintain harmony between the two sides, and unite them together to fight the bad guys outside.

The player’s Hiccup can both participate in the island construction process and help the islanders train dragons. You will learn the secrets to tame and control this legendary creature according to your wishes.

In the game, players will default to Toothless black dragon. This dragon’s mission is to fly to other islands in search of new resources. Every time you search, Toothless can bring you three spoils. In it, the first search will be free and to search two more times, the player must use the in-game currency (jewel-Runes). But keep in mind, this money can bring valuable results, so don’t hesitate to invest.

 Dragons: Rise of Berk

Specifically, Toothless can bring back a new dragon egg, which can bring back wood, fish or even pearls. Therefore, you will certainly still benefit when spending money for Toothless to go searching. Besides, on the island of Berk is no shortage of other ways for players to have more income. For example, you can receive and fulfill requests of residents on the island. Completing these requirements is rewarded with worthy gifts. Therefore, keep in mind that always check your requirements to be able to receive rewards and level up faster.

In addition, players in Dragons: Rise of Berk also has the opportunity to receive rewards when contributing to building the island. For example, you can help clean up rocks and trees, make the island more neat and beautiful. Players will need to invest fish to help the dragons clean up the trees. In return, they will have more wood in their warehouses. Similarly, you need to use wood to clear stones but will receive gems as a reward. What’s more amazing when you can just make money, just make room to have more space to build a house, build a dragon training school.

 Dragons: Rise of Berk

Main features of the game Dragons: Rise of Berk:

– Discover more than 400 of your favorite DreamWorks dragons in the movie Part 2 Dragon Tales, including Toothless, Stormfly, Hookfang and Skullcrusher.

– Collect and train up to 75 different dragon species like Deadly Nadders, Monstrous Nightmares and Typhoomerangs.

– You can explore 60 beautiful islands in Viking territory.

– Complete the assigned mission with dragons coming out of DreamWorks’ screen.

– Dragons: Rise of Berk multi-platform support. Players can connect to their Facebook account to play games right in this social network or play games on other Android or iOS devices if desired.

– Own the legendary dragon for free and bring their power to Berk

– Confront rival rivals in Brawl, or test your strength in Gauntlet

– Join the Berkian Festival or help around the village to receive the award

– If you have seen the cartoon The secret of dragon training, you will not see much difference between the images in Dragons: Rise of Berk and movies. 3D graphics with superb visual effects and sounds make this game an excellent miniature version of the original movie.

You can download and play Dragons: Rise of Berk is completely free. However, to own some special items in the game requires players to buy with real money (IAP). If you do not want to use this IAP feature, you can lock this setting on your device.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ludia.dragons



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