Dragon X Dragon Apk Mod

Dragon x Dragon 1.5.42 apk mod

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Dragon x Dragon 1.5.42 apk mod

Dragon X Dragon Apk Mod

Dragon x Dragon is a breeding style game with mythological elements. At Dragon x Dragon, you will become a farmer taking care of your farm and dragons.

Dragon x Dragon has similarities with other dragon raising games. Your main task is to build a majestic land, where to nurture and breed powerful dragons.

The dragons you own will represent a natural element such as fire, water, wind, … and there will also be dragons with the combination of these attributes. that you have to breed or obtain through events.

For rare dragons, you won’t be able to easily get through normal breeding because the ratio of this type of dragon is very low, you can get them through events or follow hidden examples to unlock and get a rare dragon for yourself.


And the uncomfort part about this game is it takes too much time for breeding:

Best game ever I’ve been playing. Nice art, cute and the diversity of dragon, but the only thing is it took too much time for breeding, hatching and evolve… I would rate 5 stars if you guys can take less time or build more cave for breeding and temple for evolving. Thanks for the best good game. I love this game so much! (Brandon_Google Play Store)


Dragon X Dragon Apk Mod

Dragon x Dragon has a simple gameplay, very suitable for relaxation. You have simple tasks to do every day such as feeding the dragon, growing more food to feed the young dragon, bred to produce new dragons or take your dragon to conquer.

The currency used in the game is gold and precious stones. Gold is used to buy new items such as dragon eggs containing new elements for breeding, environments for raising dragons, decorative items to increase the golden rate of dragons or shorten the time,… The gem in the game is used to shorten the time to breed, buy items, buy rare items, … There are many ways for you to collect a lot of money completing the assigned tasks, or buy with real money…

The match between Dragon and Dragon

Dragon X Dragon Apk Mod

Each battle will involve dragons on both sides, each side can have up to 6 dragon warriors to battle at the same time. After winning the game, players receive valuable rewards such as money and items as well as experience points for promotion


Dragon X Dragon Apk Mod

This feature gives you the ability to expand relationships with other players. Joining the team has a lot of benefits, you will get gifts when you reach a specific level of dedication.
Besides, you will receive help from the team members, making it easy for you to level up or complete tasks.

About the graphic design of Dragon x Dragon

Dragon x Dragon has a colorful interface with outstanding 3D design, the dragons bring a majestic and sharp beauty that makes players feel excited when interacting with them.

In a nutshell, with the gameplay that doesn’t have many interesting points of Dragon x Dragon, the publisher should add new features, which have never appeared before. This is also the drawback of this game alongside its excellent graphics. Even so, Dragon x Dragon is still a good game to entertain in the spare time.


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