Dragon Warrior

Dragon Warrior – Hero action role-playing game

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Dragon Warrior – Hero action role-playing game

Discover and challenge yourself in a completely new role-playing action arena called Dragon Warrior. Smooth game play on both Smartphone and tablet devices.

Dragon Warrior is probably the unique ARPG game with countless unique unique features. The most outstanding feature was emphasized by Janey Lodico, the game publisher, which is a completely different playing field compared to other traditional RPG action games. To better understand this, let’s explore a perfect ARPG mobile playground created by virtual reality level physics technology that gives players a smooth experience and deep content of a game. Play online by many gamers favorite and waiting.

Dragon Warrior

The game recreates a virtual fantasy world that is not real and brings players into a fierce battle with evil forces coexisting in that world. Entering this playing field, you must transform into a warrior to battle countless enemies in the game, join fierce PvP battles and overcome difficult challenges to win the final.

With the previous VR physics technology, Dragon Warrior promises to bring a different playing field for gamers around the world. It will no longer be a boring playground with the usual motif, Dragon Warrior with a perspective from a 3rd person perspective gives players a panoramic view and a clearer view of the battle arena in the game. A unique playground but completely free, let’s quickly download the game to the machine to try together with other players in team battles that require high solidarity.

Dragon WarriorDragon WarriorDragon Warrior

Main features of Dragon Warrior game on Android

– Create a fantasy world from extremes

Through the concept of reincarnation, the manufacturer cleverly created a beautiful game world with fanciful space. In addition, Dragon Warrior also impressed with the participation of 9 different hostile forces that always confront and seek revenge against each other in the game. These special elements promise to bring you to new experiences like never before.

Designed and creatively based on top physics technology with a horizontal angle of 365 degrees from the perspective of a third person, every character, beast, sight, object appearing in the game is vividly reproduced and true. Entering this playground, players will completely escape the traditional ARPG mobile games and step into the only completely new virtual reality experience only available in Dragon Warrior.

– Freedom to fight

As previously introduced, Dragon Warrior has broken the limits of conventional traditional mobile games, in addition to PK features, the game also has a large gaming map and PvP game modes with organized matches. To protect territory and loot to expand your land and collect treasures gives you a diverse and colorful playground.

– Customize the character in the game

In the game, players are spoiled for choosing dozens of heroes, each with their own unique skills. You can completely randomly switch characters throughout the battle. Form a team with hundreds of combinations of teams and diverse, unique skills.

With the unique features mentioned above, surely the gamers of this attractive ARPG game genre will not be able to ignore this unique and impressive new game. Let Dragon Warrior change your look for this familiar cult series. And now, what are you waiting for, let’s quickly download the game to your computer for free to join the comrades right now.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.drwa.and



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