DRAGON VILLAGE -city sim mania

Dragon Village – City Sim Mania, Dragon training game on computer

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Dragon Village – City Sim Mania, Dragon training game on computer

Dragon Village – City Sim Mania is a free dragon raising game on mobile. In this game, you can search and hatch legendary creatures that belong to your own.

Dragon Village – City Sim Mania is a novel simulation game that allows players to nurture, breed and train cute little dragons to become brave warriors, participate in epic battles, regain hometown.

DRAGON VILLAGE -city sim mania

The story in the game follows a somewhat fantasy direction, whereby a meteor shower has fallen, causing a great picture of the earth to have brought most of the creatures, from small to giant, to the earth extinction. But unexpectedly, in a mysterious land in this world there exists a dragon village, where players can search, raise and train a dragon at their disposal.

Your mission is to “blow your soul” into dragons and train them, preparing for legendary battles. Build dragon islands and raise cute baby dragons to become powerful warriors, fight against evil Vikings and win back your homeland. In this exciting simulation game, players will play the dragon god with the right to govern an entire land, and will discover more than 150 unique and new dragon species.

In this Dragon Village, you will be able to know more than 150 different types of dragons and will constantly discover more new varieties. Dragons in Dragon Village are divided into groups of elements that represent them, including: soil, fire, water, gas/wind groups. With each dragon in hand, the player can perform up to 5 times of evolution to bring him to the pinnacle of strength.

DRAGON VILLAGE -city sim mania

In the world of these legendary creatures, you will be moved to many different environments, from shipwrecks to mysterious volcanoes. Participating in these conquests will help players find mysterious dragon eggs with new dragons possessing some strange ability.

There will be a lot of missions for players to play in the game. And you will get experience points after completing the assigned tasks, winning the battles, or after upgrading the dragon island and harvesting food. Players can access their quests by clicking on the Quest icon in the lower left corner of the screen. At this point, a list of tasks will appear and new tasks are marked with exclamation marks flashing next to them.

The mission system in Dragon Village – City Sim Mania combines management, construction like raising dragons, feeding them, building houses for them and training them to fight against the Viking dragon. Each completed mission will help you receive rewards, which can be gold, gems or food for dragons.

An interesting point of Dragon Village – City Sim Mania is that you can hybridize different varieties to create new, unique varieties like never before. The combination of dragons will depend on many different factors. In addition, it is important to give the dragon a full meal and the prescribed time because this will help upgrade their HP (blood) and Attack (attack ability).

DRAGON VILLAGE -city sim mania

With simple gameplay, easy to get used to, the game also supports many different dragon species, possessing different abilities, no one is like any other child, bringing joy to discover and conquer Dragon players. Each dragon in Dragon Village possesses a unique movement, unlock it and find more dragons to know how he moves.

Join the Dungeon Stage mode to show your tame talent before this giant monster. Raise dragons and demonstrate your gaming skills through rankings in the achievement rankings. Besides, players can also fight with friends and other players in PvP double-handed mode.

When playing the game for the first time, players may have to download additional content to officially play the game. This process may take some time, but please be patient because the dragon world you can explore later in Dragon Village – City Sim Mania is totally worth the wait.

Play Dragon Village – City Sim Mania to be immersed in the world of creatures only in this legend.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ziau.magicdragonvillage



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