Dragon Storm

Dragon Storm

Uploaded: August 14th, 2019
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Dragon Storm

Dragon Storm is an online game from NSX Studio Springcomes. This is a monster role-playing game from 2 simple but interesting directions, highly entertaining.

Eye-catching action game

Dragon Storm has a vertical interface, the game belongs to the role-playing genre but does not act but … stands still. When participating in the game, players will have to control the character standing in the middle of the screen to defeat the enemy from 2 directions to rush. The way to attack those monsters is to tap the left and right arrow buttons. The player must always keep a proper distance and be within the damage range of the weapon that the character holds.

Dragon Storm

This RPG action game has amazing nostalgic visuals, and uses vertical screens instead of horizontal screens. There is a traditional sword and witch story about protecting the world as you progress through the game. The whole earth was destroyed when the witch controlled the army, monsters and especially the giant dragons that ravaged and invaded the earth.

Simple, interesting tasks

Your task in this action game on this touch phone is to immerse yourself in a brave hero who embarks on the lair of the witch and is determined to destroy this sinister woman. With the treasure sword you will go through every single gate of the game and finally destroy the witch. In each level, you will have to destroy many different types of monsters from the animals in the forest, to the sea and the demons, ghosts, weird knights …

Every 3 to 5 small stages, you will come back to the game screen where you will eventually have to kill the boss. The dragons were bosses and guarded the gates in Dragon storm game. Each time will be a dragon genre you like fire dragon, earth dragon, lightning dragon. Water dragon … Use the treasured sword to slash the bullets that it shoots towards you and then slice each piece of the giant dragon’s flesh.

Dragon Storm

Easy to play interface

Just below the character is the blood bar. In the case of an emergency, the player needs to tap on the 2 support items that are the potions and armor. In order to use normal attacks, the player uses the right tool between two arrows left and right, with a skill box for the character to sweep the wide area enemy.

The bottom side of the vertical playing interface is the map progress bar and score (score). The player who gains a lot of enemies will be filled in the progress bar and from there the process of successfully overcoming the map. In total, the character control process is based on 2-3 main buttons and 2 auxiliary buttons.

Acquiring spoils

The game also has the role of role-playing game when, through each screen, you will get the spoils such as money, gold, you will use these things equipped with hero in the game. Like upgrading items, armor, earning points to increase power, speed every time you level up … If you upgrade gradually, look at your hero and your sword will glow extremely beautiful.

Dragon Storm has 2 types of money: gold and diamonds, they have different uses. Gold used to upgrade hats and weapons. Thanks to these two weapons, the player can increase the speed of clearing the player’s map. The faster the speed of completing the map, the more gold will be received after each game. The amount of monsters with diverse attacks will increase as players step up to high level maps. But basically, gamers must pay attention to the distance between characters and monsters, and quickly press 2 arrows and skill boxes to fight back.

Dragon Storm

Main features of the game:

– Upgrade the weakest warrior to the strongest warrior

– Upgrade different characters and different items

– Buy items through exploration

– Rewards according to difficult period

– The story cut scenes rich in story and great ending for script mode

– Unlock automatically when completing tasks on stage

– Confirm my skills with infinite towers

– Support 10 languages.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spcomes.dstorm





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