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Dragon Spear is a multiplayer RPG –  Hack N Slash game, from Korea, released by Entermate on the mobile platform. Now, the game has officially released worldwide. It is an RPG genre mixed with a combat on a horizontal screen, Dragon Spear (Mod Gold/Gems) will bring you incredible fighting streaks with impressive effects thanks to the attractive skill sets and character classes in an ancient fantasy world. Players will begin their adventure with one of the six basic classes available in the game: Fighter, Gunner, Assassin, Knight, Swordsman, and Sorceress. Each character has their own skills, moves, and various strengths and weaknesses, so you should base your fighting habits on choosing the character that suits you, or you can choose All, play for a certain time to choose the character that best suits.

Dragon Spear (English Version) Mod APK unlimited Money latest/update

The character selection in the game is also very impressive design, you can see the image below to better understanding. Players will touch any character to see the attributes as well as strengths of each weak figure. After selecting one, you need to enter the character name to start participating in the game, just like other RPG games such as Sword Art Online Integral Factor or Taichi Panda 3, right after the game, players will be The basic steps to control the character, skill system and how to do it, the game is built in accordance with gameplay horizontal screen is quite simple. But the character is shown very sharp with smooth movements. The beasts also appear random and dangerous. You need to control the character moves and destroy all opponents to move to new locations.

 Dragon Spear Mod APK features:

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free shopping/Full unlocked
  • No Root

In terms of battle mechanics, Dragon Spear is designed with virtual keyboards and virtual joysticks, allowing players to easily control their characters, use skills and, evade attacks the enemy. Besides, Dragon Spear (Mod APK) is also built with beautiful 3D graphics, the same design of each character is extremely sexy with the picky costume.

Tips: If you choose the Sorceress class, you will see a lot of interesting things during the game. 😉

In addition, Dragon Spear Eng Version for android also offers players full of attractive levels from PvE to PvP, taking part in real-time matches, compared to other players, overwhelmed by your skillful. The rewards received after a game will help players upgrade their equipment, weapons, or learn new skills while unlocking new features.

Character customization is also extremely varied as players can choose from plentiful items, including weapons, shawls, armor, wings, etc. Rare items are also available. Each skill level is unlocked, each level will unlock a new skill for the character, with a total of 10 different skills that will allow you to unlock and equip the character.

Currently, Dragon Spear has officially released a global version allowing players to experience absolutely free. The game is available on both Android and IOS platforms with a free form that comes with in-app purchase. If you are a slash hacker game, you can access the link below to download Dragon Spear Mod APK latest version then play it right now.


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