Dragon Slayer – Dragon hunting game for mobile

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Dragon Slayer – Dragon hunting game for mobile

Dragon Slayer belongs to the genre of spectacular fighting game with the help of magic. In Dragon Slayer, players will play the hero with the task of destroying bloodthirsty dragons. Specifically, players will have to fight and win a series of dangerous and ferocious dragons.

Discover new lands, kill monsters to gain experience, gold coins and especially materials for making items can be seen as the main activity in the game. Through receiving missions from scattered NPCs Around the city, players will move to certain locations to destroy monsters.


It is worth noting that tasks are not only received in many different NPCs, but they are also distributed based on time. At each different timeline, the player will be able to receive various missions.

The built-in auto-search feature helps players quickly move to the position to perform the task, but there will be no auto-auto feature that players will have to directly control the character.

Play in Dragon Slayer is quite similar to Capcom Monster Hunter’s popular offline game series when focusing on PvE elements. The attack in Dragon Slayer follows the direction of pure non-target action. The character design with cute chibi style comes with Dragon Slayer’s action genre that can make players think of the famous Dragon Nest game, but the game has many improvements with new graphics and features.


Besides launching skills with hot keys, the character can perform other movements such as dodging, jumping high, jumping twice to overcome the terrain … This makes Dragon Slayer’s play more interesting and fun.

After leveling up, the player will receive skills and potential plus points. Of course, players will be able to add points according to their own preferences. In particular, at each different time, players can be “reset” their transcripts to increase their preferences for power indicators like Str, HP, Def, Crit …

Dragon Slayer allows players to freely hunt dragons with both arsenal of weapons and magic to choose from. With extremely spectacular graphics, vivid sound effects and epic storyline, Dragon Slayer will give players great experiences during the fascinating dragon hunt.


Main features of Dragon Slayer game:

– Battle of the mountain dragons: challenge with countless fierce dragons, flying dragons and reptiles when you go through the map of mysterious things

– Experience the mysterious powers: fight against death, avoid fire-breathing dragons, bite … and attack like the dances of the head dragons.

– Upgrade equipped with unique weapons: equipped with gauntlets, iron armor and pets to destroy more dragons.

– Stunning graphics: graphics are designed carefully and meticulously, optimized for new mobile devices.

– Edge based on moving comics: experience the journey through the kingdom to overpower the most ferocious dragons.

– The game allows users to interact with each other depending on the availability of these features. At the same time, players can link to different social networking sites.

Because of the violence, this game is not for children. The game is free, but players can choose to pay for some extra items and will charge your Google account. However, you can turn off in-app purchases by adjusting your device settings.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glu.dragonslayer



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