Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M

Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M – Very good free dragon fighting game

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Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M – Very good free dragon fighting game

Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M is an attractive RPG game and completely free on mobile. Your mission is to collect unique dragons, train and upgrade them, take to fight to save the world.

The right time has come to take revenge on the forces of darkness and bring glory to the Dragon village. The god of light and the god of destruction has fought for a long time and this is the time to end the battle, defeating the bad guys once and for all in the role-playing game Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M.

Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M

Are you ready to defeat Darkni – the dark lord and bring peace to the dragon village? Come to Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M, you own dragons with different looks, skills and powers. With more than 1000 species of dragons, forming a dragon formation suitable for each battle is very important because when entering the battle, your dragon warriors will automatically attack.

Dragon Village M is a dragon training game, combining elements of role play and interesting tactics. Join this playground, you become a master of animal training and are taken to the village with all the beautiful dragons. Collect, recruit the most beautiful, most powerful dragons, then develop, upgrade and evolve them. Establish a powerful dragon team and take the fight with other opponents to win and save the world.

Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M

Gives players a unique RPG strategy, Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M allows players to create strategies by building decks, fighting in Tap & Drag style and getting great rewards. Besides, gamers will feel familiar when joining Clan by talking and sharing tips to play games with others, fighting in their own way to climb the top. Just like developing your own strategy, team up with your friends’ dragons.

You can upgrade dragons to increase attack and HP effects and can evolve them to unlock more powerful skills. Note that the skills, effects and attack range of each dragon species are different, so the key here is to use the right skills at the right time. Each skill has its own effects that can be reversed.

Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M

After winning every match or completing quests and achievements, you will receive rewards that can be gems or dragon eggs. The game offers 4 main game modes, including Adventure, Dungeons, Competition and Community modes, in addition to some small modes in each main mode. In Adventure mode, you will begin the journey full of exciting adventures and explore the world of dragon master masters. In Dungeons mode in a single player campaign, you fight a giant boss to power the dragon or Ancient Tower in PVP mode and confront other players in the Colosseum. Compete in both PvE and PvP modes with the strongest dragons you own in Competition mode. And in Community mode, players will get help, tips, even borrow dragon of friends, strangers and Clan members. The game is divided into chapters and each chapter is an exciting adventure for you.

The game possesses stunning graphics and vivid sound that gives you the RPG experience that has eyes, ears. Quickly download the Dragon RPG game: Dragon Village M to have fun for yourself.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.perplelab.dragonvillagem.kr




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