Dragon Revolt Apk Mod 1

Dragon Revolt 3.6 apk mod

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Dragon Revolt 3.6 apk mod

Dragon Revolt Apk Mod 1

Dragon Revolt is the English version of the mobile game MMORPG has been released by Snail Games in the Western market after having achieved certain success in his homeland China. Bringing the traditional style of immersive, the game promises to bring the extremely large and detailed 3D world.

Dragon Revolt Apk Mod 1

Dragon Revolt – The world-wide role-playing game from Snail Games
Dragon Revolt takes place in the fictional world of the Middle Ages with the appearance of demons and fierce dragons. Across Gellanpor’s vast continent, the war of power between the Lothelan Empire and the Asta Blood Alliance is fierce.

Dragon Revolt Apk Mod 1

Join Dragon Revolt, players will have to choose to join one of the two factions and develop themselves to lead their troops to the final victory. The most special feature in Dragon Revolt is the diverse character system with 3 basic character groups: Warriors, Mages, and Clerics with 6 races for you to choose. Each character has a certain role to play on the battlefield.

For each race in Dragon Revolt, players can only select one class in the three basic classes that the race can use. The battle interface in the game is also designed in the most optimal way possible to help players easily get acquainted as well as quickly grasp how to control.

Some of the biggest bosses you encounter in your adventures, namely dragons, will not be defeated without fighting. You will not be able to defeat these monsters alone but need to cooperate with others to benefit from the combination of classes.

In addition to the supplementary system, Dragon Revolt has been designed many other types of rich activities, from collecting materials to manufacturing equipment to going to protect treasures, to destroy the enemy … Through it, the player will have the feeling of plowing and hoeing all day long and leisurely. At the advanced stage, players will be able to participate in PVP content that divides the faction from small to large scale full of competition. In addition, the game also has many character growth systems, nurturing cavalry, flying dragons, rune pressing skills, legend equipment, and even aerial combat for players to slowly experience.

The gameplay in Dragon Revolt follows the quest to perform quests and explore Dungeons to collect treasures and develop their characters. Besides, players can also make friends and team up together to complete difficult tasks or hunt boss.

With 3D graphics, Dragon Revolt gives players an unprecedented and full of vivid experience about the hypothetical Western world. Besides, free camera system with super wide viewing angle allows players to have a broader view when moving as well as fighting. Besides, the sound system in the game is also invested and elaborated quite meticulously, contributing to a significant increase in attractiveness, bringing true experiences when playing games.

In addition to single-player mode according to the plot, Dragon Revolt also gives players PvP mode with extremely fierce and dramatic 4v4 or 12vs12 matches. Currently, the game only appears in some countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, and Finland.

Choose your class, create your character and discover what you’re about to get in Dragon Revolt!


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