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Dragon Raja is an MMORPG based on the same novel name released in 1998. After a long time, Dragon Raja has been revived on the mobile platform to become a combined A-RPG game. With a very attractive team-based element, you can download Dragon Raja APK by the way we provide below for free.

Dragon Raja Mod APK Unlimited Golds/High Damage Download Latest for Android

In fact, Dragon Raja for mobile was released a year ago, but for some reason, that game was removed from the store. And at the moment, PlayWith Interactive has brought this game back to the player on Android. It will not disappoint the player.

The context of Dragon Raja takes place in a medieval fantasy world, which is quite similar to the Eternity Guardians with three basic characters: Hutch Nedval, Karl Heltant, and Ro Deya. Dragon Raja Mod Unlimited Gold now offers more than 20 different characters, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and skills. Dragon Raja’s gameplay is designed with the A-RPG style, blending a little bit of Hack N Slash elements and NEXON’s H.I.T super.

Dragon Raja Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Golds
  • Free Shopping
  • High Damage/One Hit
  • Full unlocked

Characters will move, fight and use skills through the virtual key system and joystick on the screen. Each character possesses a distinct skill, accompanied by extremely interactive effects. Because the game has a team-based element, the player has to collect the pieces, thereby recruiting other characters, reinforcing the team.

Dragon Raja Mod APK is built with pretty Unity 3D graphics. Especially the shadow design is extremely detailed. In addition to the plot mode PvE, players can also participate in other modes such as Arena, Guild War, Great Labyrinth. Join the guild, and compete against other players, reaching to the top honors and extremely valuable rewards.


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