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Dragon Project – Very hot dragon hunting game on mobile

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Dragon Project – Very hot dragon hunting game on mobile

Dragon Project: Dragon Hunt Mobile is considered as a quality product representing the new generation of mobile games in Japan with many innovative features and superior combat mechanisms. But it doesn’t stop there, the deeper it explores the game, the player sees an ingenious combination of the A-RPG genre that hunts the giant monster of the famous Monster Hunter series combined with the type of play. pure J-RPG often seen in the Final Fantasy series.

And just like in Monster Hunter, this game does not split character classes but depends on the weapon the player chooses to use in the game to determine the specific fighting style of each weapon. Thereby the player is able to customize the appearance of the character according to personal preferences as well as can change the weapons used and customize the character’s fighting style in hundreds of different ways.

Dragon Project

Currently in the world Dragon Project has a total of five basic weapons that players need to pay attention to, the basic characteristics of each of these weapons are clearly shown through the simplest combat steps they bring. For example, the Great Sword caused large area damage, but it was quite heavy and many loopholes. Meanwhile Sword is more compact and offers certain defenses, extremely optimized and chosen by many players. And Bow also obviously has the ability to cause damage from afar as well as has many advantages in close combat.

Thereby each weapon in the Dragon Project has certain advantages and disadvantages, so the player’s job is to optimize the advantages of that weapon, making the most of the strengths to be able to build characters around those advantages, as well as limiting the disadvantages to create a perfect fighting style with the weapon you have chosen. Of course, when you realize that your chosen weapon is no longer suitable or in the beginning did not fit with your own fighting style, you can completely switch to another weapon and start over.

Dragon Project

Entering, players will easily adapt to the game right from the first level because the layout is extremely simple. At this point, you only have to receive the plot task in a single NPC, other side quests will automatically appear during the execution. After pressing the task, the player will be transferred to the corresponding map. At this map, in addition to completing the task, the player is also tasked to farm small monsters to charge the full power to allow the new map to open. In the process of monster farming, players will receive items that the main quest, online missions require or will encounter giant monsters to hunt or be hunted back.

Monsters in the game are also designed with their own attacks, accompanied by very elusive rhythm. The higher the level, the more mischievous they are when hiding their weaknesses, or taking it as bait to let players stab their heads and launch their killer skills.

Because in this game each monster will have certain weak points, and to earn specialized materials that only drop from the parts of the body, so the cooperation of the players with each other is very important. In order to both defeat monsters, collect precious materials used in the map and upgrade equipment, players need to exploit and properly divide the weaknesses of monsters, thoroughly applying personal manipulation.

Dragon Project

Although stressful and difficult, Dragon Project designed a very intelligent control mechanism with just one finger. This is considered the bright spot of the game when successfully building a unique “One Touch” fighting mechanism. Players can still enjoy the crazy slashing phase but no shortage of art, the spikes you ambush on the screen or the right-of-way description between the row of enemy classes and test your skills to finish the target. All that is done with just one finger.

Specifically, all moves, attacks, dodge and use skills will be shown through the action of dropping the finger on the player’s screen. When touching and clawing the character will move, a light tap on the screen is a normal hit or a quick swipe 2 times in a row so that the character jumps to the side. Because of this mechanism, Dragon Project requires players to have quick and accurate reflexes in each team fight phase, especially when confronting tough bosses in the game.


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