Dragon Marble Crusher 2.1 APK MOD

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Dragon Marble Crusher 2.1 APK MOD

Dragon Marble Crusher APK MOD 6

Zuma is known as a classic marble-point shooter. There are quite a number of different versions of this marble-shooting game, but the version has the image of inspiration from famous dragons and is chosen to play a lot, it must mention Dragon Marble Crusher. Still based mainly on the original version, but Dragon Marble Crusher was rebuilt with new features, more attractive and unique.

Dragon Marble Crusher APK MOD 6

This is a simple marble shooting game, but it is especially attractive and interesting. The main character of Dragon Marble Crusher this time will be a statue of a mighty dragon located in the center, with the ability to shoot magic colored marbles.

Dragon Marble Crusher APK MOD 6

Players must use the ability to be fast, good observer to control the dragon statue, accurately shoot colored marbles from the statue’s mouth into other marbles, causing them to explode and protect the secret tunnel from being destroyed. Although it seems very simple, it is not easy. Because most marble bearings move along spiral lines, the inner bearings will protect and prevent you from firing on the outer marbles. Even if there is some level that marbles will move through the “tunnel”, players will not be able to shoot marbles at these passages.

Dragon Marble Crusher APK MOD 6

With the player marbles shot from the mouth of the dragon statue that is not the same color as the target marble on the moving strip, it will be retained on the moving strip, right where it touches.
Dragon Marble Crusher APK MOD 6

Try to shoot the colored marbles, but the dragon statue in your mouth and other marbles of the same color to make them explode.
The marbles in the moving range will explode when at least 3 marbles of the same color touch each other.
Touch your finger at the point you want to shoot
Try to take coins when it appears to increase your playing score as high as possible.
Do not let the marble touch and reach the hatch, because just one marble moves inside, the entire will be pulled in and you will lose one turn.

Each player has 3 turns (one starts and two revives), if they lose all three turns and still not pass all the gates, they will lose.
Every time you lose, you will have to return to play from the beginning of that level.
The faster the end of the game, the higher the score will be.

For different level, the color of the marbles will be different, however, their final destination will still be “secret hatches”, therefore, the player must shoot and destroy them before they reach the hatch and move all the way inside to make you lose.

Reward Points:
Although the level and difficulty of the game will increase with each level that the player passes, there are also bonus points or help for players to overcome those level. With 2-3 times of hitting and detonating the marbles on the moving marble, a gold coin will appear in any corner of the game screen, if the player hits the marble, he will be given a few extra points in total points. However, gold coins only appear about 3-5 seconds, so players need to shoot quickly and accurately. When it disappears, it will not reappear until the next successful shot of the player.

In addition, there are other help magic marbles with extremely interesting and useful features such as:
● Causes the strip to stop for a short time.
● Make the strip move backward.
● Explode the marbles around.
● marble shot with directional arrows.

These magical marbles will appear glowing and flashing when they appear, creating more attention than other normal shadows. Each magic marble with different features will be recognized by a different icon for players to recognize:

Marble exploded: There is a bold circle
Marble stopped: There were two parallel lines, the “pause” symbol.
Marble moves backward: There are interlocking arrows and triangles.
Directional marble point: There is a dark circle, inside a different circle, a red heart symbol.

Try to shoot accurately right from the first time, then use the maximum of help shadows to finish the game with the fastest time.

This is an entertaining game that is quite simple, gentle and does not require too many complicated skills. All you need is just an agile hand, and good eyes, that’s enough. Download now and try the Dragon Marble Crusher experience, you will understand why this is considered as a super exciting marble shooting game.


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