Dragon Land

Dragon Land – Dragon rescue game owns the Endless Runner style

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Dragon Land – Dragon rescue game owns the Endless Runner style

Dragon Land is Endless Runner’s non-stop action style game with a series of dragon rescue missions, collecting gold coins and an extremely exciting adventure journey. Dragon Land can run on devices with operating system 4.0.3 and above, optimized for tablets and devices with large screens.

Dragon Land is the next game product developed by Social Point with a completely different task sequence compared to the previously launched blockbusters such as Monster Legends or Dragon City. The game’s content is inspired by the story of a dragon land that was suddenly invaded by monsters that made all of these dragon’s inhabitants imprisoned and your mission – a beautiful dragon who was lucky to survive.

Dragon Land

Adventure to their lair to rescue their accomplices. In general, Dragon Land’s quest sequence is quite similar to Hugo Troll Race – a game that also follows the rescue motif of the village with the burden of putting on the main character to run non-stop through many different contexts to avoid the witch’s pursuit and save the other members from her hand.

Dragon Land features sharp 3D graphics, excellent image quality and sound, fast loading games and very rarely lag. As mentioned above, gamers will transform into a dragon and take on the task of running through various lands to collect lots of gold coins called Final Coin, while jumping jubilantly on the heads of monsters to destroy them. The game also impresses with a series of familiar skills of characters in Endless Runner genre such as running, jumping, climbing, sliding or gliding through obstacles or using physical attacks such as hitting, punching … Although quite a lot of skills like that, but players just need to swipe up the screen to move the character and touch the virtual button on the interface to control the dragon jumps up only.

Dragon Land

Although it is difficult to compare with the game Endless Runner has gone into “legend” like Subway Surfers or Temple Run but the uniqueness of Dragon Land is undeniable. Right from the start screen of the game, players are satisfied with a series of game modes such as playing according to the campaign (Campaign Mode), Quick Play with high-speed screen play or Multiplayer with multiple players online challenges.

In Quick Play mode, your dragon will collect Coin to get the Gem but try not to be attacked by monsters because then, dragons will be destroyed.

In Campaign, the dragon will have to complete all the stages in all the existing Episodes to collect Coin and items along the way. In a few levels, you will also have to rescue your friends who have been imprisoned by evil monsters.

In Multiplayer mode, you will participate in tournaments (Tournament) and opponents are other players with the goal of winning lots of Coin as well as Gem. Tournament will take place weekly and after each week, the ranking will be refreshed. However, you cannot choose an opponent.

Dragon Land

Outstanding features of Dragon Land game:

– Campaign Mode with more than 100 screens filled with prizes and equipment to collect.

– Diverse dragon species with special skill sets.

– Upgrade and customize dragons with super cool skins.

– Search for keys to unlock new lands with more challenges and rewards.

– Multiplayer mode to play against other players in real time and register on the rankings.

– Quick Play game mode with unlimited number of screens. How far will you go?

Dragon Land is free but includes paid IAP packages requires players to pay real money to be used. You can disable this feature in the device’s settings.

Through the combination of non-stop running gameplay and interesting tasks such as dragon gathering, dragon rescue or monster destruction, Dragon Land really brought a new atmosphere to the early game market, when no longer turning dragons into killer warriors like in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle or Battle Dragons. Quickly download the Dragon Land to play.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=es.socialpoint.dragonland



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