Dragon Hunter

Dragon Hunter – bring a whole new experience for you

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Dragon Hunter – bring a whole new experience for you

Dragon Hunter is an attractive free-style tactical action game. In the game, players need to protect the castle from sea dragon attacks by arranging a variety of unique, powerful weapons, from bows and arrows to fireballs.

The game of goalkeeper and tower defense always attracts a lot of players thanks to the simple but interesting gameplay, both demonstrating the ability to use tactics, both highly entertaining. If you are a lover of defense games like Plants vs Zombies, Age of War or Epic War TD, Dragon Hunter is worth a try.

Dragon Hunter

Dragon Hunter is Feelingtouch’s defense game (FT Games), which brings a completely new combat experience. In this playground, you are the only commander to protect your own castle from the attacks of sea dragons and aggressive flying dragons. Dragon Hunter is an extremely good role-playing role-playing game that you will fight with powerful magic dragons, and fierce Bosses to protect your castle from playing in an extremely good game version.

At the beginning of the war, the enemy dragons were still quite weak, slow and sparse. Therefore, players will start with simple arrows, the speed of fire is not too fast and easily protect the citadel intact, not scratching a brick. However, the later dragons came to a large number, including dragons on the ground and flying dragons.

In addition to the mediocre ones, there are many extremely aggressive, persistent dragons or kickers who will throw stones against your castle. Therefore, players need to upgrade the defense system by equipping more weapons, upgrading outdated weapons, expanding skills to destroy enemies as quickly as possible.

Dragon Hunter

The gameplay of the game is quite simple. To target, you only need to point the arrow towards the dragon and shoot. The power of the arrow depends on how you drag your finger on the screen, the amount of drag determines the power shot. It sounds a bit confusing but just going through a few levels, you will become a professional archer without any enemies.

In the game you use your sword and magic to destroy the minions, go through 6 levels in the game and defeat the Dragon King DevilDom which is an extremely attractive and full-scale danger. Use the spirits of the demons after destroying them to upgrade magic or upgrade weapons. Every time you level up you will have the potential to add that power to the point that in the game sent to you to participate in the latest experience that Dragon Hunter has provided the latest for you.

Dragon Hunter

Completing each level, the player will receive gold as a great payoff for the combat effort. This money will be used to upgrade and buy food for soldiers. In particular, if you can still survive until the next level, you will also be granted a boat to collect dragon meat. Therefore, even though the demand for food after each level increases, the amount of food you earn also increases (that is, in case the person collecting your dragon meat is not killed).

In terms of upgrading the defense system, players will buy better weapons, more arrows and upgrade fort fortifications. However, these improvements are quite expensive and you usually don’t earn much gold in the first few levels. Therefore, please only plow the hoe and patiently accumulate after a while!

Dragon Hunter game has beautiful graphics, with many difficult tasks waiting for you to overcome it is a good and most interesting game version for you to join and experience many new or most interesting features that it brings.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.feelingtouch.dragon.ice




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