Dragon Hills Apk Download 2

Dragon Hills Apk Mod Download

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Dragon Hills Apk Download 2  Dragon Hills is an action-packed action game with new gameplay and extremely beautiful 2D graphics available on devices running Android OS and other mobile platforms.
The fairy tale about the prince who comes to rescue the princess, who is imprisoned in the dragon castle is still circulated to this day. The pink vision of the prince will ride to fight the most massive and fierce fire-breathing dragons, save the princess from encircling the enemy and finally marry the princess and the two live happily to the end of life?

Dragon Hills Apk Mod Download

Dragon Hills Apk Download 2

But this motif does not happen in Dragon Hills, the prince does not go to the castle to rescue the princess, but he steals all the gold in the dragon dungeon and leaves her alone. Because of the anger, the princess rode the dragon, chasing the evil prince, overcoming many challenges, filled with thrills and dangerous traps to complete the revenge mission.

Main features of Dragon Hills game:

Dragon Hills Apk Download 2

– Super fun gameplay, super fast and super dangerous
– Terrain can be completely destroyed
– Confront the Boss
– Various types of weapons, auxiliary, armor available for you to unlock and upgrade
– Easy to learn, intuitive one-touch controls combined with extremely creative gameplay
– Many achievements and leaderboard rankings for players competing with their friends.
– Simple and crazy gameplay adventure game!


The action game Dragon Hills, which was just released not too long ago, is currently being scoured around the market for providing applications from Google Play Store to the App Store. The game not only provides players with a completely new look at the game going to the scene but it also changes the control according to the physical mechanism, with elements such as graphics and sound, Dragon Hills for Android are perfect.

Mission of the game

The player’s task is to control a dangerous dragon to help the princess complete her revenge mission. Slide down through the ground, jump off the ground, fall and destroy everything along the way. Chase the knights, conquer the castle and discover the incredibly unique new lands in Dragon Hills.
Graphics of Dragon Hills
Graphics in Dragon Hills game are rated quite well, the art style is familiar but it does not cause boredom. The environments that the characters go through change a continuum with detailed designs for the day and night such as the color of the trees, the background color. Animations in the game move very smoothly and flexibly, without lag or lag when playing. Sound in the game makes players feel more adventurous and closer

Game mode in Dragon Hills

There is only one game mode in Dragon Hills. However, the game is divided into several levels, before facing the Boss you need to complete the specified landmarks in that level. Once you have completed a level, the next time you play, you will still start at that time. If you want to play again, there is only a way to delete game data in device settings or uninstall applications and reinstall.
Everything is quite easy when starting, but soon you will realize that it is not easy to control the flying dragon, glide, land and take advantage of obstacles in the journey.

How to play Dragon Hills

Gameplay of Dragon Hills is quite simple according to the principles of touching, holding and releasing the screen. The princess rides the dragon, so you need to control the dragon to slide along the snowy hills, tap the screen so that the dragon digs deep into the ground, releasing its hand so that it soars to the ground. The longer the “Paddy”, the higher the jump will be, this is the principle in Dragon Hills. Straight-grained dragons and houses, small knights and sometimes you get combos by creating chain reactions (scrolling debris and destroying everything along the way). But watch out for volcanoes, shields, spears scattered on the ground, underground can harm dragons.
The game also incorporates rankings of high scores and different achievements to increase the appeal of the game as well as the competition between players. Currently the game supports Android players to download and play for free.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rebeltwins.dragonhills


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