Dragon Gem

Dragon Gem – A good choice for quick relaxation

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Dragon Gem – A good choice for quick relaxation

It’s fun with Match-3 game! A classic simple Match-3 game on mobile. Your mission is to win the Dragon Gem, pass the level and try to get all the stars in each level. Dragon Gem is a simple, easy to play, but not boring, puzzle series. The game is suitable for quick relaxation during lunch break, waiting for you at the cafe or killing time when bored.

Dragon Gem is the diamond puzzle game of the publisher Jewel Star part 1-3. Still playing the same way to connect 3 diamonds like this time the player’s mission is to collect dragon eggs and other game add-ons. Your task is to put 3 diamonds of the same color to score points, you can choose classic, modern and custom modes. The game has realistic graphics with colorful diamonds moving on the screen.

Dragon Gem

The game is quite small in size, less than 15 MB and supports Android running OS 4.1 and over. Contrary to this, Dragon Gem owns pretty 3D graphics and smooth control system. You won’t experience lag or lag when playing games even on low-profile devices.

Dragon Gem attracts players by simple, easy-to-understand gameplay, beautiful bright graphics, vivid and characteristic sounds. In addition to the hardware refinement, the content is also a scoring element of the game. You will have to go through each step, each level to win, furthermore it also has a clear separation of different game modes for players to choose.

The Dragon Gem’s gameplay is quite simple. You only need to combine 3 or more diamonds of the same color. Connect the diamonds together until the game board is transparent, the dragon egg will appear. You need to collect dragon eggs by disappearing diamonds and eggs will fall. There is a trick that players need to pay attention to, remember to remove diamonds as quickly as possible to get extra bonus points.

Dragon Gem

Your mission is to win the Dragon, pass the level and try to get all stars in each level. With over 200 levels and 6 beautiful game backgrounds, including forests, caves, floating islands,… will provide players with great experiences. In addition to acquiring regular stars to pass levels, players will win diamond bombs and a fireball when combining 4 diamond stones. Combining 5 diamond stones, the player will win fire diamonds and 2 fireballs. By removing 20 consecutive diamonds can win 1 fireball.

To combine and remove diamonds conveniently and quickly, try to take advantage of special diamonds. The game offers diamonds with special features like: bomb diamond, fire diamond, time diamond and diamond light. Bomb diamonds can erase the diamonds around it. Fire diamond can remove any other colored diamonds on the game board. Time diamond can extend gaming time. Light diamond can remove both a horizontal or vertical row.

Dragon Gem

For unmovable diamonds, you can destroy them by removing the diamonds inside. For ice diamonds, it is impossible to move but can free them by destroying them by removing the surrounding diamonds. For stones, this barrier can easily be destroyed when you remove the diamonds around it.

To win the game, you only need to have a quick overview of the table, fast-paced eyes will help you quickly achieve the necessary points to overcome these levels and come to another level. Dragon Gem supports downloading and playing for free and there is no option to buy goods with real money.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.game.DragonGem




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