Dragon Friends : Green Witch

Dragon Friends: Green Witch – Farm to raise dragons game on mobile

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Dragon Friends: Green Witch – Farm to raise dragons game on mobile

Make friends with lovely dragons in the latest dragon farm game from Innospark publisher. Enter the colorful animation world in Dragon Friends: Green Witch to participate in an exciting adventure in dragon land.

Referring to the farm-building management game forms, Android users certainly cannot ignore Hay Day of Supercell giant, the co-creator of the strategy game that is considered to be the most successful on mobile device game Clash of Clans. However, in Dragon Friends, players do not raise poultry and cattle, but raise dragons, build and develop dragon cities in an island only in imagination.

Dragon Friends : Green Witch

It’s no exaggeration to say that Dragon Friends: Green Witch is a diverse simulation game, more interesting. In parallel with farm management or dragon training, the game also has the appearance of Indian tribes living on the island to be friends. They are the source of breeds of dogs, cats, goats… to enrich your island’s farm. Bring these creatures to the village to care for, hybridize-= … to diversify the life of all species!

Your mission is to raise unique and wonderful dragons on your own magical island. Join build with friends and relatives in online game mode. Breed, take care of eggs until they hatch into dragons and have a chance to get super rare dragons. Adventure across the island to fulfill dreams! Decorate the dragon island with special items or simply plants, habitats for dragons and beautiful houses.

Dragon Friends : Green Witch

With the appearance of the green witch, it is no surprise that the game Dragon Friends: Green Witch mixes magic elements in it. Especially, exclusive in Dragon Friends: Green Witch, you have a great opportunity to upgrade the basic Tree Dragon to Guardian Dragon super rare with magic wand. You will have the opportunity to level up dragon trees into extremely rare dragon-type dragons thanks to the available magic.

You will start the game with an egg and evolve your dragon to become more beautiful and virtual. Bringing dragons to the sky and dancing with bright stars will be one of the exciting mini games in Dragon Friends. Dragons will fly very high and far away in the blue sky, dance with the stars and show many unprecedented powers. Begin from the hatched eggs to have a beautiful and magical dragon collection!

In a dragon farm, you can meet and interact with friends both old and new. Come and meet the Shy tribe, they are waiting for you on the island and special dragon friends! Help each other by taking care of plants, working in stores and even blessing precious dragons faster and upgrading your dragon village under the help of good friends. Maintain a diverse habitat by keeping cats, dogs, pigs and animals available in the Dragon Friends farm shop.

Dragon Friends : Green Witch

During an adventure between the mysterious dragon world, you will meet and interact with both old and new friends. Help each other to develop the dragon island by taking care of the crop, working in the factory… These tasks help your dragon collection to expand and level up the village faster and more. Assembly to raise cats, dogs, pigs…

It is not difficult to get used to the game if you have ever played any farm game before. You will plant or raise animals and take some time to complete the task before harvesting. Time is fast or slow depending on the type of plant or creature you grow. To shorten the time, you can use diamonds to complete tasks immediately without waiting. However, this type of money is often not available and must be purchased with real money or a reward every time you level up or complete the task.

Overall, Dragon Friends is a strange and attractive game not only because of the classic and addictive game play style and also because the graphics are sharp and extremely lovely, cute and many other features like digging. Create dragons, play mini games, etc. However, the game still has lag or forced status on some low-profile devices.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.innospark.dragonfriends





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