Dragon, Fly! Free

Dragon, Fly! – A cute game for kids

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Dragon, Fly! – A cute game for kids

Let’s collect the ball for the score. Escape from the dragon’s attack. Dragon, Fly is an adventure game. Collect ball for score. This game is easy to play even for boys and young children!

Dragon, Fly! Free a free version of the game Dragon, Fly! by programmer Four Pixels released promises to give players a fun time, the most exciting.

Dragon, Fly! Free

Dragon, Fly! role-playing game genre, in the game you are playing a few on a mischievous, playful baby dragon want to explore the world around him. Because the young dragon was so busy playing, he did not worry about going home and let the dragon mother worry and go to find him.

Dragon, Fly! is a small game that is fun for everyone, including babies with beautiful and cute graphic images. In this game, you will be the manager for the dragon and help this dragon run and fly as far away from the nest as possible. Once you control the dragon that flies too slowly, the dragon’s mother will be able to fly in time and make the spoiled dragon escape the house. In general, the game is quite simple but don’t worry about playing and bored because there are 60 screens waiting for you to discover.

Dragon, Fly! Free

You are like a small dragon hatching, you are still too small to fly. However, that doesn’t stop you from an adventure, but you’ve gone. There are many charming hills by being able to scatter and soar in the sky, you should touch the screen when you are at the downhill level of the hill and stop contact at the end of the root. Help our friend “take off” with beginner to advanced exercises. And then, ready for an exciting adventure on the “land of the Dragon”.

Using a number of consecutive solutions can accelerate and soar as high dragons do not fly up! But your mother was very disturbed by your absence and went to find you later. The game contains a set of tasks for performance, and new landscapes created every day. Come to Dragon, Fly, leisurely walk around the beautiful hills and glide the wings on the vast grass fields as a cute dragon.

Dragon, Fly! Free

In the game, there will be mountains for the dragon to fly over, you just need to remember how to play with the touch of the screen when the dragon slid down from the mountain and let go to the dragon. And you also need to remember to eat diamonds and pretty items on the road. This game is completely free and you can download it on the Google Play store.

Dragon Game, Fly with very simple control form, you just need to touch the screen from the top down and when standing in the middle of the valley, you will release your hand to be able to fly high and fly away.

Dragon, Fly! owns funny and lovely graphics. This can also be considered as a highlight to help this game become popular. In addition, simple but exciting and exciting gameplay is also an important factor contributing to Dragon’s success, Fly!

In short, don’t ignore Dragon, Fly! Full – 1 good game and suitable for many different objects. Quickly download Dragon, Fly! Go to your device and enjoy it.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lsgvgames.slideandfly




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