Dragon Evolution World APK MOD

Dragon Evolution World APK MOD

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Dragon Evolution World 2.2.0 APK MOD

Dragon Evolution World APK MOD  Dragon Evolution World is an evolutionary dragon raising game from publisher LIONBIRD LTD. With an interesting way of playing, Dragon Evolution World is one of the new features of the dragon breeding game.
Compared to other dragon-raising games, Dragon Evolution World has a completely different way of playing.
Dragons in Dragon Evolution WorldDragon Evolution World APK MOD
You are not a farmer raising a huge number of dragons like other games, in Dragon Evolution World, you will only raise a single dragon, allowing them to grow and evolve into a new form. , or select rebirth and convert the dragon you are raising to another shape, a new dragon, and keep repeating this process to complete the collection of 50 species of dragons in the game.

Dragon Evolution World APK MOD

How to make your dragon evolve?

By feeding, you can help your dragon grow and evolve. Their food is stones that carry the power of fire, ice, and electricity. Each level will correspond to the number of stones needed to help your dragon grow and mature.

Dragon Evolution World APK MOD
How to unlock new dragons

When you first start playing, your partner will be a water dragon, after rebirth, you will be able to unlock a new dragon. There will be 3 basic systems: water, fire, and thunder. After the dragons evolve, you will discover more special dragons.

You can also let your dragon fight, the reward for the winner will be dragon food and money in the game – gemstone.
In the case of a dragon’s level is too high, a lot of food is needed to evolve, instead of having to devote yourself to feeding the dragon, you can use the self-feeding function available to save time. You just need to select the corresponding amount of food, then click agree and everything has a system to help you.
Graphics in the game are quite good
With the use of 2D graphics and design with ideas from animation, dragons have now become cute and lovely creatures. However, the image of the game is still considered a special point, when the developer goes against the idea that the dragon must be aggressive and brave, it must know how to spray fire like people still imagine.

The sound in the game has no impression

There is no special point in the game, mainly the smooth and pleasant background music melody, making players feel relaxed, not creating the feeling of suspense and aggression as the other games still do.
The sound of real battles is only symbolic. It was like a roar of a dragon when fighting, but at a much softer level.
Overall, Dragon Evolution World is a game worth playing, worthy of being present on every mobile device you own. This game will really bring you pleasant moments of relaxation. What are you waiting for without downloading this game on Play Store right away?

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