Dragon Evolution - Dragons Merge Clicker Game

Dragon Evolution – The best Clicker Game

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Dragon Evolution – The best Clicker Game

Games about Dragon are always the products that attract the attention of the gaming world. In particular, a series of Dragon game series seems to be a great choice for those who want to experience different feelings while playing games. In addition to violent, antagonistic games that require flexible use and synthesis of different skills of players, Dragon games are also known for light, entertaining versions. Speaking of this game genre, it would be missing if Dragon Evolution is omitted.

With this game, you will have to learn what happens to the evolution of dragons as the evolution begins, the player’s task is to combine two dragons to evolve and explore periodic forms. The most strange and funny of his favorite animals. By combining to evolve dragons into newer, more powerful versions, players will be able to explore the real world, explore continental events. And of course the world is not safe for the evolution of your mutant dragon, because there are always opposing forces that will hinder the evolution of dragons.

Dragon Evolution - Dragons Merge Clicker Game

We can evaluate that Dragon Evolution is considered as one of the best Clicker games, you can create amazing mutations and many different shapes of dragons. The stronger they are, the more money they lose! They drop more money when you touch them! Drag, drop, mix and match similar dragons to create a new, better and more powerful series. Remember to use your money to speed up your evolution and explore new areas. Complete your dragon evolution collection and capture the planet with new evolving dragons.

With simple 3D graphics, fun sound effects, Dragon Evolution is the best choice for those who want to entertain after a time of tired work. The gameplay of Dragon Evolution is also quite simple. You just need to click, drag and drop dragons to create a new evolution and upgrade your dragon. By touching the dragon, you will earn money at a faster rate. Moreover, if you want to develop dragons on more special versions, mix and match dragons together to discover and create new versions.

If you want a simple and addictive game Dragon Evolution – Best Clicker Game is a game for you. You just need to drag and drop similar dragons to create the next evolution. Mix and combine mysterious forms and mutations to create even more advanced developments. Explore new areas, capture planets and create a new and magical world of dragons. Create lots of amazing dragons in this evolution game for men and women. When you create more and more happenings, your dragon will make more money! Go through the world with advanced dragons!

Dragon Evolution - Dragons Merge Clicker Game

Features of Dragon Evolution

– Five different stages and 30 different evolutionary forms of the Dragon

– A great mix of idle and ascending clicks as Tamago!

– Three possible endings: find the right god when you play!

– Combine similar dragons to create a new evolution

– Touch the dragon to earn extra money

– The ultimate incremental click game!

– Dragons evolve as you have never seen before

– Dragons drop coins, create new ones to earn more

– Different types of dragon mutations

– More mutations – more money!

– Finally clicker game increased!

– New and great happenings

– The best evolutionary clicker game available!

– Explore new areas as your evolution continues to grow

– Great developments, allowing faster and better development of species

– Various stages and many dragon species to explore all around the world!

Dragon Evolution – The best Clicker Game is one of the best evolutionary clicker games around. Download Dragon Evolution – Best Clicker Game now and lead your dragon in this awesome evolutionary clicker game!


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.tapps.dragonevolution




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