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Dragon Crystal Online

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Dragon Crystal Online

Inspired by the famous Japanese manga: Dragon Ball, Dragon Crystal is an opportunity for you to meet familiar characters in the series and movies, fighting in the exciting 2D action field and attractive.

Dragon Crystal fully gathers characters, you can fight AI or friends through special online mode. Each battle will expand the plot, divided into different parts and stick to the content in the movies and comics. Thanks to smart AI, battles in Dragon Crystal games are very attractive. Besides teamwork, the game also has single battles for you to test your skills against different types of enemies.

Dragon Crystal - Arena Online

You can customize how to control the game to play more comfortably, such as assigning keys for operations. Besides, Dragon Crystal game allows to adjust the volume of sound effects and background music with convenient slider. You can play Dragon Crystal in full screen mode to get the best battle screen. On the screen will have the final blow button or special attack. The use of a button with two functions depends on the red energy that the character has.

Using 2D graphics with extremely excellent resolution, Dragon Crystal has the same gameplay as a perfect combination of mobile games and 4-button electronic games.

The reason to say so is because when looking at the game, in addition to the content around the topic of Seven Dragon Ball extremely familiar to many players, the image, game design reminds of the 4-button electronic game before.

Dragon Crystal - Arena Online

Therefore, although it cannot be compared with games that own 3D graphics, mobile game Dragon Crystal still brings unique and new experiences. Character design is still based on the original characters’ images and allows us to use 6 character types to start the game.

To start playing Dragon Crystal Online, you must join the server or create your own room. Choose the number of players who can participate, the mode you want to play (alone or by team) and a different set of features that will allow you to enjoy completely different games each time.

Accordingly the game has 2 game modes and you can choose to play individually and in groups. Controlling the game is not difficult with control buttons arranged on either side of the screen, using touch on the mobile screen to perform operations quickly and flexibly. Play with users from around the world in real-time games and perform character transformations to help you collect all the power you need to win the battle.

Dragon Crystal - Arena Online

This two-dimensional game has six different characters that can compete in ten different maps. In the right part of your screen, you will find all the controls needed for the battle; Jump, create important energy and throw it at anyone who dares to approach you.

Like the 4-button electronic games, Dragon Crystal Mobile has about 10 different types of maps and is designed according to a journey like the mother rescue Ninja or Contra, … You will move forward, pass all the trials. Challenge on the way by using the character’s own skills to fight until the end of the map.

Although only designed with 2D graphics, the resolution of this game is excellent with sharp, sharp strokes. The colors are harmoniously combined and the skill effects are invested with powerful, colorful destructive power, simulating the special moves of the original characters from the story or animation.

Simple but attractive and brings a lot of surprises as well as high entertainment and reminiscent of a time when eating and sleeping with 4-button electronic games, Dragon Crystal brings great moments of experience.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.CrystalDev.DragonCrystalArena



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