Dragon Battle

Dragon Battle – A very cool simulation game

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Dragon Battle – A very cool simulation game

Dragon Battle is a simulation game that allows players to nurture, breed and train cute little dragons to become brave warriors, participate in epic battles, regain their homeland.

Coming to Dragon Battle, players will have the opportunity to nurture dragons into warriors to regain and expand the magical land. Your mission is to “blow your soul” into dragons and train them, preparing for legendary battles. Build dragon islands and raise cute baby dragons to become powerful warriors, fight against evil Vikings and win back your homeland.

Dragon Battle

There will be a lot of missions for players to play in the game. And you will get experience points after completing the assigned tasks, winning the battles, or after upgrading the dragon island and harvesting food. The mission system in Dragon Battle combines management, construction like raising dragons, feeding them, building them and training them to fight against the Vikings’ dragons. Each completed mission will help you receive rewards, which can be gold, gems or food for dragons.

An interesting point of Dragon Battle is that you can hybridize different breeds to create new, unique varieties like never before. The combination of dragons will depend on many different factors. In addition, it is important to give the dragon a full meal and the prescribed time because this will help upgrade their HP (blood) and Attack (attack ability).

Dragon Battle

When dragons are big enough, you can let them participate in dragon battles to earn bonuses. Each battle will have the participation of dragons on both sides, each faction sends a maximum of 3 dragons to join the war and you can choose the right dragon for your team. You can enter a battle by choosing from the taskbar or moving to the battle area on the islands where there are nodes.

Note that you will have to spend an energy unit for each battle, after using up all of this energy, of course you cannot continue fighting anymore and you have to wait for this energy tube to fill. up. Every 15 minutes, a unit of energy will fill up, if you want to speed up you can use the money to buy. In the meantime you can do a lot of other interesting jobs. Dragons will represent natural elements such as fire, water, wind, earth … and will also have dragons with dual properties when bred. Also, when you defeat the boss dragon, you will get a lot of experience points.

Dragon Battle

The fighting mechanism in Dragon Battle is quite simple. During a battle, when your dragon’s turn comes, a symbol of the element that the dragon holds will appear and you just need to hold down and drag it over the opponent’s dragon’s side. When playing game, you need to be aware that Dragon Battle is a free game but there are some virtual items in the game that require buying with real money and via in-app options. You can turn this feature off in the optional settings.

In addition, the game also has a way to calculate 3 familiar stars when you complete the task. Thereby, if you want to share achievements with friends, you can share on Facebook via the built-in feature of the game.


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