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Drag’n’Boom – Gameplay

Join the Drag’N’Boom mobile game, in which you will play a tiny fire dragon in the process through a series of challenges set by the mom dragon to mature. Including hovercraft and fire brigade to knock down targets on the way. You can do both with a drag-and-drop approach that is familiar to the mobile game.

Drag’n’Boom v1.1.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Gold/Free shopping) for Android

Besides, you also get used to controlling split screen in two parts with the direction of the dragon to the other side to control the fire way. The first thing you can realize that Drag’n’Boom (Mod APK) game is quite smooth design and action gameplay is extremely beautiful and smooth. Unlike other games of the same genre, when you are trying to accomplish goals in the game quickly, the most important thing is to do the beautiful combo. Depending on the difficulty of the action sequence as well as move around and shoot down all targets at your vision, for example, you will be added gold and bonus points at the end of the screen. But be careful of soldiers and heroes, they can shoot you very fast.

Key features of Drag’n’Boom Mod APK:

  • A fast-paced and challenging game.
  • Control the dragon across the obstacles, knock down the obstacles on the way and collect gold coins, you can upgrade the character with new power, ability to move faster.
  • Over 50 different levels with increasing levels.
  • Slow motion effects help you make impressive and accurate combos.

Drag’n’Boom Mod apk consists of nearly 50 levels and an endless mode, in which you can score as much as possible. Drag’n’Boom is a super fun game that you do not hesitate to download the game right away.


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