Draconius GO Game apk mod

Draconius GO Game apk mod

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Draconius GO Game apk mod

Draconius GO Game apk mod

Draconius GO is a game inspired by Pokemon GO and the same gameplay and interface for lovers of dragons and monsters.

Just listen to the name surely many people have immediately thought of Pokemon GO – the icon of Niantic which was launch in 2016. However, not only the name but Draconius’ gameplay is really similar to Pokemon GO when it also uses augmented reality technology in combination with GPS to help players in their journey to search and catch monsters … Even to the background of Draconius, it is almost identical to Pokemon GO and not unjust when this new game receives a lot of tiles from Pokemon GO players about Draconius blatantly copying the game of Niantic.

Draconius GO Game apk mod

Everything we are familiar with in Draconius GO has similarities with Pokemon GO. Function keys, how to play, how to turn the pillar to get items, … and how the monsters can evolve and they have their own stats and moves.

Draconius GO Game apk mod

In addition to the familiar features like in Pokemon GO, Draconius GO also adds other features, which can be considered a special feature of Draconius GO:
Quests and missions system, treasure hunting

Draconius GO Game apk mod
Follow creature
Combat system between players and players. While the Pokemon GO players expect for 1 year and have not seen Niantic’s response yet, Draconius has put this attractive feature into the game.
Quest systems, quests and treasure hunts make the game much more attractive.
Support rural, suburban, more pillar, POI areas.

One of the most annoying points of Pokemon GO’s players is that Niantic only focuses on developing in urban areas and the suburban and rural areas do not appear any Pokestops or Gym. This is also part of the reason so many Pokemon GO gamers must use Fake GPS tool with the desire to be able to play the game easily. But with Draconius GO, everything was solved by the publisher quite smoothly and the players in suburban and rural areas were not too concerned with this issue.

Admittedly, some of these features do not create a natural feel for the player.
Spawns and Points of Interest operate differently in Draconius GO. The algorithm uses map data in the real world and determines where to create interactive objects (Arena / Pillar / Portal). Wherever you are, you can join the world of Draconius GO.

Performance wise, Draconius is the clear winner here.
Draconius GO brings great experience to you even if your device has a configuration that is not really high, especially for a game related to the AR experience and must turn on GPS continuously.

Draconius GO is a great game, especially for Rural players. It is a copy of Pokemon GO, but it is an improved copy with some interesting features. If we are in your shoes, we will try to see if it satisfies your AR game needs.

For all the elements, Draconius GO is no less competitive than it is to say compared to Pokemon GO. But there is exactly one thing that makes this game unpopular because their game is not related to Pokemon – the big icon that Niantic has fully exploited to attract players.

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